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Barcode Assignment Services

Each product on a supermarket showcase has a specific barcode that is applied to identify the product. For its recognition, as a rule, a scanner reading codes is used. Barcode registration is an advisable measure for a supermarket or any trade enterprise.

What are barcodes for

In essence, a barcode is a tool that allows you to sell and keep track of products in a warehouse, checkout or store. It is presented in the form of stripes and gaps that only scanners can recognize. All over the world barcoding of products according to the EAN 13 system is used.

Let's figure out what the numbers on the barcode sticker mean? The first numbers indicate the country of registration. They do not identify the country of origin. The choice of the country of registration is entirely on the shoulders of the enterprise itself. A set of numbers in a specific order allows you to identify the product. This makes it possible to find out its name, cost and other important characteristics.

How to order barcode online

" > In the Russian Certification Center at the link https://rossertcentr.ru/shtrikh-kodirovaniye a service such as registration of bar codes is provided, both for large wholesale enterprises and for individual entrepreneurs. The assignment procedure is established for this procedure. As part of it, you must fill out an application and send it to your email address. A list of products should be sent in advance for assigning codes. The expert will determine the timing of the order and inform. After that, you just have to wait for an email with a digital product code. On average, it takes 1 business day to develop and assign barcodes.

Benefits of ordering barcodes

  • The procedure for obtaining is simple and accessible to everyone.
  • Receiving barcodes for permanent use without the need for additional fees.
  • Providing a full range of services.
  • One-time payment for the service.

For detailed information on the terms of cooperation, please visit the website of the Certification Center. A specialist consultation can be obtained online by filling in the data in the empty fields.

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