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External thermal insulation using thermal panels

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External thermal insulation using thermal panels

Against the background of annually increasing energy prices, the procedure for carrying out external thermal insulation of the walls of buildings by their owners is becoming more and more in demand. High demand has forced manufacturers of building materials to develop newer and more perfect technologies for its implementation:

  • With a guaranteed level of quality of the final result.
  • At an affordable cost and ease of installation.

At the same time house facade insulation with the use of thermal panels additionally provides an aesthetic component. They are a kind of finishing material from the front side and insulation (polyurethane foam or extruded PPS) from the other inside. Despite the rather high cost, the use of thermal panels as an external insulation has a number of significant advantages.

Features and Key Benefits

Small weight and overall dimensions simplify as much as possible the procedure for installing thermal panels as a heater from the outside of the walls of houses. Products are classified according to the following parameters:

  1. The thickness of the insulation layer is selected depending on the requirements for the quality of insulation. Thermal conductivity depends entirely on the thickness.
  2. Appearance or pattern - brick, wild stone, natural wood of valuable species, the choice is wide enough, and the quality of application guarantees the preservation of color saturation over the entire period of operation (manufacturer's warranty 5 years).

The main advantage of this building material is the ease of installation, which, unlike the installation of other types of insulation, is carried out in one step. Products are classified as repairable, a damaged panel can be changed to another similar one without any dismantling of the structure.

You can get more complete information and familiarize yourself with the types of thermal panels for insulating building facades using the website of the company that provides services for their implementation, as well as installation work. All options presented in the resource catalog are available and delivered to the customer in any volumes he needs.

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