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What is a mini-pool for spa treatments

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What is a mini-pool for spa treatments

Having successfully made the transition from the category of fashionable to the category of useful, spa procedures have become for many, especially urban residents, an opportunity to receive real pleasure in a matter of hours, having relaxed not only physically, but also emotionally. In connection with the increasing demand for this type of recreation, the requirements of clients for the quality of the sessions have also increased. And it can be increased not only due to the professionalism of the master performing the procedures, but also subject to the availability of special equipment in the salon, among which mini-spa pools are especially popular among clients. This is what they are.

Features and design of spa pools

Many users are well aware of such a device as a jacuzzi, which today is available for installation in almost any, even a small apartment, thanks to a wide range of models. The spa pool is a prototype of a jacuzzi in terms of its design and equipment, only:

  • Much larger with the ability to stay afloat without touching the bottom.
  • With more advanced, powerful and efficient equipment for hydromassage procedures (from 40 nozzles of various diameters and flow rates of water or air).
  • Equipped with software control for adjusting the process of conducting procedures by the operator, the master of the spa salon.
  • Equipped with a water filtration system by ultraviolet irradiation and an original eye-relaxing illumination.

And one more important point, the ability to receive hydromassage procedures at the same time in the company with loved ones or friends. The dimensions of the spa pools allow several customers to use them without the slightest discomfort and crowding (capacity depends on the model).

You can familiarize yourself with the views and arrangement of spa pools using the online catalog lovia-spa. ru their manufacturer and supplier. All models presented on its pages correspond to the declared technical and dimensional parameters, have a guarantee of quality and safety.

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