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Severstal is mastering the production of a special profile for car builders

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PAO Severstal, one of the world's largest vertically integrated steel and mining companies, enters the market of special profiles for rail transport. The company estimates the potential for sales in the Russian Federation at the level of 64 thousand tons per year, which corresponds to about 40% of the market. Severstal has begun mastering the production of this product and has prepared for shipment another pilot batch of a special profile to one of the largest car-building plants in Russia.

Severstal has a historical presence in the railway machine-building market, and we are interested in expanding the product line for our customers. Since 2020, our company has been the largest supplier of flat-rolled products. We are now targeting comparable results in a segmented product - special profile. We approached the issue of its development seriously, understanding the demand among car builders. Based on the results of pilot parties, we continue to develop this product, but from the beginning of 2021 we will be ready to participate in tenders and carry out industrial supplies. Thus, we achieve two goals: firstly, we develop as a complex supplier, and secondly, we create an atmosphere of healthy competition in the historically monopoly market. In addition, the focus of our attention is always the interests of our customers - in the future we intend to reduce the metal consumption of the profile by updating its geometry and other technological solutions ", - comments Georgy Argunov, Severstal Director for Relations with Machine Building Companies.

Product portfolio" Severstal ”for car builders is represented by hot-rolled steel used for the bodies of freight cars, manufactured at mills 2000, 2800 and 5000 of the Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant (CherMK, part of the Severstal Russian Steel division). In addition to hot-rolled sheets and coils, the company supplies car builders with shaped tubular products, which are in demand for strapping hulls. Now the product portfolio will be supplemented with a special profile made of hot and cold rolled steel, which is used by customers as a load-bearing element for stiffening the car body structures. Since the beginning of 2020, the company has been developing a production scheme and mastering a new product for itself.

The solution is in line with the company's strategy in the development of complex offers for customers. The development of special profiles will expand the range of products for car builders, as well as strengthen the position of Severstal as a comprehensive supplier for the railway engineering industry.

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