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Severstal unites customers and partners in a dedicated community

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Today, Severstal launched a community for clients and partners "Together" https://vmeste.severstal.com Severstal became the first metallurgical company in the Russian Federation that decided to create a community for professionals whose business is related to metallurgical production. Its main task is to promote the development of clients' business through the provision of useful content, training events and the consolidation of activities in the field of sustainable development.

The main platform for interaction is the community website. Especially for customers and partners from the metallurgical, construction, engineering, household and energy industries, unique industry content has been created and is constantly being updated. There is a separate page for small and medium-sized businesses. Independent industry analysts and experts from client companies are actively invited to participate in the materials. In a separate section "Expert opinion" columns of top managers and strategists with forecasts of economic development and analysis of market trends are published. Selected materials are sent to members of the community by electronic subscription.

Collaborative development with customers is a priority of the Together community. The company regularly invites registered members to attend webinars on personal and professional development, for example, on the use of lean manufacturing practices, company management, self-motivation. This year, the company's webinars were attended by about 1000 people. And in 2021 it is planned to hold at least 30 webinars and a series of closed events for community members.

The functionality of the "Together" portal will gradually expand: useful services will appear, including the provision of up-to-date technical information and verification of quality certificates. Severstal is always open to new ideas and feedback, so the portal provides an opportunity to submit any idea, including mastering a new steel grade or launching a service, and improving the business process. The registration itself in the community and the subscription to industry digests take less than a minute.

Maria Shalina, Marketing and Customer Experience Improvement Director, Severstal, commented:

“The value of the community for customers lies in the prompt exchange of expertise with colleagues in the industry, developing their own competencies and gaining new knowledge through partnership with Severstal. We, thanks to the community, receive feedback and change in accordance with it. The project helps to achieve the main goal of being closer and more useful to our clients. ”

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