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MMK-INDUSTRIAL PARK entered the top league of investment sites in the country

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MMK-INDUSTRIAL PARK is the only investment site that annually increases the rating class. In 2017, the park took 47th place in the BB class, in 2018 - 30th in the A class, the current rating is 16th in the A-A class. The rating has been compiled for the fourth year in a row. His methodology is based on assessing the site according to six groups of parameters: management and services, location, cost of production resources, taxes and benefits, quality of work with residents and indicators of the location region. All calculations are carried out on the basis of open data. 120 operating sites from 54 regions were included in the list in 2019. “We consider the Industrial Park not only and not so much as a business project,” noted Pavel Shilyaev, MMK CEO. “In our understanding, this is, first of all, an effective tool for supporting and developing medium and small businesses in the South Ural region, one of the elements of attracting human capital, the opportunity to provide people with alternative growth paths.” Diversification of the city's economic structure is a necessary element of the sustainable development of Magnitogorsk. One of the strategic initiatives of the management of PJSC MMK in the framework of the company's development strategy for the period up to 2025 is called “Solving the problems of a single-industry town”. The initiative, in particular, involves the development of business cooperation for the creation of new services and industries in Magnitogorsk, the development and implementation of an agreed corporate policy of interaction with the city, involvement in determining the priorities of the city's development in the areas of urbanism, education, and culture. The most important milestone on this path was the creation of an industrial park of MMK. LLC MMK-INDUSTRIAL PARK is a subsidiary of PJSC MMK and OJSC MMK-METIZ. The park was founded in 2016 on the industrial site of a former calibration plant. The total area of ​​the finished property complex is 65 hectares. MMK's management decided to provide the territory of the former plant to residents who are ready to develop industrial business here. The industrial park site is a ready-made property complex with an area of ​​65 hectares with all engineering infrastructure, a developed railway network - all conditions have been created here for a quick start of almost any new production. The park has been accredited by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, which gives investors the opportunity to apply a system of tax incentives: zeroing the property tax rate and reducing the regional component of the income tax rate by 3.5%. Today there are 33 residents on the site. To support and enhance business development in Magnitogorsk, the management of PJSC MMK is co-financing projects implemented by the residents of LLC MMK-INDUSTRIAL PARK.
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