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MMK awards the best suppliers for 2018

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Pavel Shilyaev, General Director of the company, took part in the award ceremony, which took place in the conference hall of the plant management of PJSC MMK. “The awarding of our best suppliers on the eve of the Metallurgist Day has already become a good tradition. Today we have over 1100 suppliers. Good relationships with suppliers are one of the key aspects of the successful development of any enterprise, and therefore PJSC MMK systematically evaluates the effectiveness of this cooperation. And the establishment of the “Best Supplier” award, rewarding the best of the best, is our initiative to recognize and encourage the efforts and achievements of suppliers, ”noted Pavel Shilyaev.

As part of the competition, a commission was created from representatives of the company's commercial service, who analyzed the supply of material and technical resources for 2018. The assessment took into account the following criteria: quality of supplied products; demand and attractiveness of products; optimal price; innovative and scientific and technical component of the provided goods and services; focus on the consumer; compliance with the contractual delivery dates; volumes of supplies.

By the decision of the commission, the best suppliers were selected in 17 nominations, who fulfilled their obligations in 2018 at the best price, with high quality and on time. In the "Coal Concentrate" nomination, honorary diplomas were awarded to LLC Kolmar - Sales and Logistics and LLC Trading House Coke and Chemical Plant, which proved their value as strategic partners of PJSC MMK.

The Chinese company Sinosteel Engineering & Technology Co, LTD was awarded with an honorary diploma in the nomination "Investment projects". In partnership with Sinosteel, MMK has implemented such investment projects as the construction of a sulfur trapping unit No. 2 and the construction of a new sinter plant No. 5. At the moment, a project is being implemented to reconstruct a coke-chemical plant, which includes the construction of a new coke oven battery No. 12, reconstruction of a workshop for the collection and processing of chemical products, as well as the reconstruction of a biochemical wastewater treatment plant.

The Vertex Holding Limited Liability Partnership won the "Sinter raw materials" nomination

The best in the "Refractories" nomination was Magnezit, which is the main manufacturer of magnesia refractories, is a strategic and reliable partner for PJSC MMK. The products of this enterprise have been supplied to Magnitogorsk almost from the moment the plant was founded.

United Company RUSAL - Trading House JSC was awarded an honorary diploma in the Best Supplier 2018 competition in the Non-Ferrous Metals nomination.

In the Ferroalloys nomination, an honorary diploma was awarded to the MMK Group, OJSC MMK-METIZ, which for more than six decades has been rightfully ranked among the enterprises that define the face of the Russian hardware industry. Currently, OJSC MMK-METIZ has mastered new types of products, becoming a reliable supplier of ferroalloys in flux-cored wire for the needs of PJSC MMK.

An honorary diploma in the nomination "Cable products" was received by LLC Trade House Unkomtech "- the largest supplier of cable and wire products in Russia and the CIS and a long-term partner of PJSC MMK.

GAZPROMNEFT - Lubricants LLC, the leader in the Russian industrial oils market, took the lead in the category "Fuels and lubricants and fuel". Under the Gazpromneft brand, PJSC MMK supplies hydraulic, turbine, gear and rolling mill oils that comply with the current international quality standards.

Gontermann was recognized as the best supplier in the Cast Rolls nomination -Peipers GmbH, founded back in 1825. Cooperation between PJSC MMK and Gontermann-Peipers began in 1997, and to this day the company is one of the main suppliers of cast rolls.

Another manufacturer with more than a century of history is the American company Whemco, which won nominations "Forged rolls". Cooperation between PJSC MMK and Whemco started in 2006 and today the company is one of the main suppliers of high-quality forged rolls.

Paul Würth MetallService LLC was awarded an honorary diploma in the "Process Equipment" nomination. Paul Würth is one of the world leaders in the design and supply of a full range of technological solutions for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy. Paul Wuerth is a partner of PJSC MMK in a number of strategically important projects for blast furnace production, such as cooling systems for blast furnace No. 2, hearth lining monitoring systems, and a skip winch.

Trading House Evropeyskaya Podbodovaya Corporation "became the winner in the category" Bearings ", and in the category" Lamps "- International Lighting Corporation" BOOS LIGHTING GROUP ". JSC "Trading House" BOVID "was recognized as the best supplier in the category" Spare parts for automotive equipment ". Honorary Diploma

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