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The first five-year plan of the Magnitogorsk Industrial Park

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The industrial park was created by PJSC MMK on August 12, 2016 on the vacated areas of the production site of the calibration plant. Today, among its founders, in addition to the plant, is the Magnitogorsk hardware and calibration plant "MMK-METIZ". In 2017, MMK-INDUSTRIAL PARK LLC received accreditation in the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, which gave the right to receive state support measures. not an object for making a profit, but rather an effective tool for supporting and developing medium and small businesses, competently solving the problems of a territory with a powerful city-forming enterprise, which in turn increases the investment attractiveness of the entire Magnitogorsk.

For potential investors and current residents the industrial park of Magnitka (one of three in the Chelyabinsk region) has a whole range of advantages. According to the director of LLC MMK-INDUSTRIAL PARK Vladimir Dremov, the residents of the park enjoy the maximum support that is only possible under federal and regional legislation. For them, the rates of property tax, land tax, transport tax have been zeroed, and the profit tax rate has been reduced by 3.5%, which makes MMK INDUSTRIAL PARK even more attractive for investors. There is a loyal rental rate, which is about half the average rental rate in Magnitogorsk. Tenants are also supported by MMK, which, on a competitive basis, provides co-financing for residents' projects to create new or expand existing production facilities.

The park, covering an area of ​​65 hectares, has a high degree of preparedness of industrial premises. The residents have at their disposal all the necessary infrastructure that allows them to start the production process in the shortest possible time. The site is provided with all the necessary energy resources: electricity, industrial water, fire-fighting and drinking water, natural gas, household waste and industrial sewage. An oxygen pipeline project is underway. The site has a developed railway network with direct access to the MMK's internal railway fleet and the South Ural Railway. There are no analogues of this site in Magnitogorsk, and there are only a few of them in the country.

The industrial park is already more than half full, 36 resident companies work in it, among which there are large anchor tenants occupying areas from 20 thousand sq. meters each.

More than a thousand jobs have been created at the site over 5 years. Residents invested more than 750 million rubles in their own production, which speaks of high confidence in the management company and confidence in the prospects for further growth.

During the first five years of its development, the park has gone from a site with below average investment attractiveness. industry, to one of the industry leaders. At the end of 2020, MMK-INDUSTRIAL PARK entered the “major league” of investment sites in the country.

According to Vladimir Dremov, a number of proposals are being considered for the creation of metal service centers on the site of the industrial park, where, as expected, sets of MMK metal will be prepared and sent to machine-building plants throughout Russia. Now all large consumers of metal are trying to be closer to manufacturers, including to reduce logistics costs. In the near future, a large manufacturer of unshaped refractories will appear on the site, as well as a subsidiary of one of the largest machine-building concerns in Russia. The business is also being expanded by the current residents. Thus, the plant of metallurgical deoxidizers, which organized the production of deoxidizers for steel two years ago, is creating the production of briquetted ferroalloys.

The infrastructure of the industrial park continues to develop actively. By the end of this year, it is planned to complete the reconstruction of the railway acceptance and delivery park with the letter designation "G". The implementation of this project, estimated at 53 million rubles, will allow resident companies to supply rail cars directly to the South Ural Railway network without unnecessary runs through the entire plant. Ten years ago, Park "G" was mothballed, and a forest had grown on the site of the tracks. Now the tracks with a length of 450 m have been cleared of trees and bushes, the station building has been restored, where dispatchers and receivers will work; it is planned to introduce a system of automatic recognition and verification of cargoes with integration into the corporate system of MMK. In addition, the industrial park continues to modernize the railway tracks, the total length of which is more than 15 km.

Reconstruction of almost a kilometer central road of the industrial park is also underway. The first aid post of the industrial park, renovated and equipped this year, should be certified soon. On an object with an area of ​​120 sq. m employees of resident companies will be able to pass

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