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Severstal supported the creation of the museum of rock poet Alexander Bashlachev

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PJSC Severstal supported the creation and opening of a new museum in Cherepovets dedicated to the memory of the poet and musician A. Bashlachev.

The exposition was housed in the building of the Cherepovets Philharmonic Society - in a special place where the rehearsals of the famous group were once held "Rock-September", the lyrics for which were written by Bashlachev.

Thanks to the arranged drama of music, sound, light, video, visual effects and objects, the small room literally comes to life and is filled with the history of a bright personality who has become a symbol of the generation. In the original audiovisual performance, the chronicle of the life and creative path of the poet sounds through the voices of Alexander's relatives, friends, his songs, thoughts, which he shared in interviews. Items carefully preserved by the family and transferred to the museum are hidden from the eyes of visitors until a certain moment in showcases that change the transparency and show the exhibits in a planned order.

The emergence of the museum, its necessity and significance were determined by people who are close to Bashlachev's work and cherish memory about him. In 2009, admirers of the poet's talent designed a "folk" exposition, and a year ago the idea to create a new, modern museum on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Alexander's birth appeared. “The history of our city is the history of our people. And, of course, a person like Alexander Bashlachev is one of those whom we are proud of.

The Time of the Bells, a festival that has already won recognition, is also constantly supported by Severstal. Because of the pandemic, it did not happen this year, such a wonderful museum was opened, and we now have one more place where we can come and rejoice for our fellow countryman, for his parents, a place thanks to which Bashlachev will be remembered and known ”, - Ludmila Guseva, Advisor to the General Director of the Severstal Russian Steel Division and resource assets, emphasized.

The Bashlachev Museum project brought together Bashlachev's family, friends and fans. Exhibitors, directors, musicians, artists, illustrators, designers, sound technicians, actors, programmers were involved in the work. The Museum of the Rock Poet, created by a large team of like-minded people, became an example of how the people's initiative found support in the person of local authorities, sponsors and professionals of the museum business.

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