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Cable KGtp-HL 5x70

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Cable KGtp-HL 5x70

When arranging new and reconstructing existing production facilities, including machine and technological equipment that consumes electrical energy of the following parameters:

  • Rated AC voltage up to 0.66 kV.
  • Frequency up to 50 Hz.
( machines and equipment).

Cable dimensions and specifications

Electric cable KGtp-KhL 5x70 complies with the established and current GOST parameters. Includes 5 copper conductors with a cross section of 70 sq. mm, the weight of 1 m is 607.8 grams. The main technical characteristics are as follows:

  • Allowable operating ambient temperature - from -60 to +50 C degrees, suitable for outdoor installation.
  • Estimated and permissible air humidity - 98%.
  • Operational service life - up to 15 years.
  • Fire hazard class - 02.8.
  • Permissible long-term heating temperatures of current-carrying conductors - 75 C degrees.

The manufacturer allows installation of the cable without preheating it at a temperature not lower than 0 C degrees with a tensile force of 2 kgf per 1 mm of length. The sheath of each core and the cable itself is made of thermoplastic elastomer. The color of the protective layers of the conductors can have 2 options:

  1. Green-yellow, blue, brown, black.
  2. Light blue, brown, black in alternating order.

You can get more complete technical information and purchase KGtp-KhL 5x70 cable using the official website https://tesk.pro/catalog/kabel/kgtp-khl/kgtp-xl-5x70/ of TESK PRO LLC, which produces it using its own technological capacities. For an individual consultation on the resource there is an option of online communication with the manager. The products fully comply with the declared parameters, are certified and have a quality guarantee.

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