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Laying the electrical cable using rollers

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Laying the electrical cable using rollers

The quality of laying a high-voltage cable affects not only the duration of its operational life, but also the overall safety of the entire power transmission line. The types of cables used can have:

  • Significant specific gravity.
  • Large diameter.
  • Additional accommodation booking

Therefore, they require the use of special devices and equipment when carrying out installation work to create a highway. These mandatory devices include cable rollers (you can see the views on the official website https://malien.ru/product/kabelnye_roliki_montazhnye_bloki/ supplier, Malien company). They are installed along the pull line, the cable passes through them without any damage to its insulating sheath. The rollers rotating during the cable pulling exclude the occurrence of destructive friction and additionally simplify the task (reduce traction forces) of carrying out assembly activities.

Main views

Depending on the technical method of laying the power electrical cable, the installers select the required type of rollers. Despite the simplicity of their structural device, these devices are divided into several main types, each of which is designed to perform a specific task:

  • Straight (linear) rollers - the rotating element is mounted on the frame, used when laying a line along a horizontal surface in a straight direction.
  • Hangers - the roller is equipped with a hook for hanging, for example, from the ceiling of a production room.
  • Angled cable rollers are an indispensable tool for the installation of variable direction trunking.
  • Rollers for pulling through cable trays - greatly simplify the task and shorten the installation time of the electric line.

The Malien Company offers its customers all types of cable rollers for laying electrical lines. Devices can not only be bought, but also ordered for rent. All the necessary information on these issues is presented on the supplier's website; for an individual consultation on the resource, the option of contacting a manager is provided, who will answer all organizational questions in a chat format.

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