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"Cable Alliance Holding" has successfully passed the examination of federal experts

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"Cable Alliance Holding" has successfully passed the examination of federal experts

The Association "Honest Position" (AChP), which includes representatives of the electrical industry of the Russian Federation, announced the results of research on the products of the Cable Alliance Holding (HCA), which unites the cable assets of UMMC.

Samples of products from all three plants of the HCA were taken in the presence of federal experts from the ACP and the Ural Chamber of Commerce and Industry in October as part of a new initiative of the association. Initially, quality checks covered significant construction projects and retail trade networks in various regions of Russia, now they decided to include distributors and manufacturers directly in this process, starting with HKA.

The cable used for wiring was tested in an independent accredited laboratory on key parameters of quality and safety. The products did not cause any complaints. “Compliance with GOSTs of marking, structural elements of products, electrical parameters, resistance to external factors was checked. In particular, a flexible power cable must retain its properties at temperatures down to minus 60 degrees, "explained Vladimir Kashkin, General Director of Honest Position.

Inspections of manufacturers will continue. According to the AChP, the share of counterfeit products in the cable market, depending on the region and product segment, reaches 15-30%. The lack of systematic control over the quality of cable and wire products at construction sites is fraught with tragic consequences in residential buildings, shopping and entertainment centers, kindergartens, schools. According to the results of the selection at construction sites, 80% of the discrepancies relate to the fire-safe characteristics of the cable.

“GOST prescribes requirements for the resistance and diameter of the conductor, insulation and sheath thickness. Manufacturers can set the minimum permissible values ​​of these parameters in their own technical conditions, as a result of which there is a high risk of mechanical damage and loss of cable properties during installation. As studies have shown, for a number of indicators, the XKA cable even exceeds the standards of GOST. It is equally important that high quality UMMC copper is used in the manufacture of our products. And counterfeiters prefer copper scrap, which has a low electrical conductivity, as a result, the networks do not withstand the loads, short circuits and fires occur, "explained Aleksey Saushkin, Deputy Technical Director of KhKA.

He stressed that a multistage product quality control system, starting from the acceptance of materials and ending with the delivery of the finished product. The production and laboratory facilities are systematically modernized, which makes it possible to exclude the slightest deviations from the norm at each stage of the technological process, avoiding rejects.

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