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Donetsk State University of Management

Receiving higher education in our time is the foundation of the future for every modern person. Having received a diploma in a specialty, you can start building a career in various industries. Ultimately, you can achieve significant heights in life, realize yourself as a person. It opens its doors to everyone Donetsk State University of Management . Here you can get higher education in modern and highly demanded specialties. Let's get acquainted in more detail with training in this university.

Educational programs of DonDUU

On the university website, you can get acquainted with all educational programs in more detail.

  • Bachelor. It is proposed to obtain a bachelor's degree in such specialties as Management of Foreign Economic Affairs, Municipal Management, Marketing, Tourism, Social Work, etc.
  • Master. If you want to have a completed higher education with a Master's degree, you can apply to DonDUU. Specialties available for training - Non-production sphere management, Education management, Enterprise economics, Law, Intellectual property and others.
  • Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Science in the areas of Public Administration and Administration, Economics, Management.
  • Professional development according to various educational programs.

Having chosen the direction for training, you can familiarize yourself with the profile of the educational program. The profile includes information about the branch of knowledge, specialty, form of study, educational qualifications, program volume, and the availability of accreditation. Also, applicants can read the conditions of admission to their chosen specialty.

Faculties of DonDUU: which direction for study to choose

The following faculties operate within the university:

  • Management.
  • Economics.
  • Rights and public administration.

At these faculties, you can get bachelor's and master's degrees. For the convenience of applicants, information is provided on the schedule of the educational process, the schedule of classes, sessions. Also presented are samples of documents for submission to the university.

The Faculty of Law and Public Administration includes the departments of humanitarian disciplines, sociology of management, special legal disciplines. The Faculty of Management includes the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Environmental Management. The Faculty of Economics represents the departments of personnel management and enterprise economics, finance and accounting, marketing, computer science.

Thus, everyone who wants to get not only an interesting, modern, but also a popular profession can be trained in DonDUU .

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