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Ordering tanks for petroleum products

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Ordering tanks for petroleum products

Storage of petroleum products is a complex process that requires the use of specialized equipment. Often, tanks for oil products are used for these purposes. They can store not only crude oil, but also fuel, fuel oil, oil and other processed products. The company "SpetsKhimMash" is engaged in the implementation of tank equipment, offering tanks for oil products of various modifications. Let's consider their main types.

What types of tanks for petroleum products are there?

There are several types of capacitive equipment, depending on the method of placement. The main ones are:

  • Ground located horizontally or vertically on the ground. Their main advantage is quick installation. However, a large area must be allocated to install them.
  • Semi-underground reservoirs, which are submerged in one part into the ground and the other on the surface.
  • Underground models, which are installed at a depth of 1 meter. This type of arrangement significantly saves space. Moreover, it belongs to the most expensive installation option. This is due to the need to mount containers with reinforced stiffeners. Some may have double walls.

When choosing tanks, it is very important to pay attention to the technical parameters and scope. The options offered by the company can be operated both in the water supply system and in the oil and gas industry and the chemical industry.

Ordering storage tanks for oil products

The SpetsKhimMash company specializes in the manufacture of capacitive equipment in full compliance with the established quality and safety standards. Customers can turn here to purchase both finished products and to order for individual production. The cost will depend on the type of oil equipment and volumes.

The main advantages of cooperation can be called our own production, the presence of a design office, delivery by our own motor transport. Before shipment, the tank equipment is packed in foil. The time from ordering a batch to shipment is minimal.

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