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UMMC Technical University opened the road to the future for schoolchildren of the village of Baranchinsky

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UMMC Technical University opened the road to the future for schoolchildren of the village of Baranchinsky

On April 3, 2021, high school students from school No. 20 in the village of Baranchinsky, together with their parents and teachers, visited the UMMC Technical University on the Open Day.

Current schoolchildren are already deciding on the choice of their future life path. Each of those who visited the university had the opportunity to lay the foundations of their career now, becoming a target student from JSC "Svyatogor", and to get higher education at the expense of the company with guaranteed further employment. The teachers and students of the UMMC Technical University helped the schoolchildren to decide on the direction: metallurgy, mining, energy, industrial automation or mechanics.

Before the sightseeing tour of one of the most modern universities in Russia, the director of the UMMC TU Vyacheslav Alexandrovich Lapin spoke to the guests : “Today you have come not just to the university. This is one big family, where students are our children today, and tomorrow they will become engineers and managers - our colleagues. Coming to study at the Technical University, you become part of the large family of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company. ”

The guests of the university were pleasantly surprised by the technical equipment of the university, and practical exercises in laboratories and on automated and virtual simulators left an indelible impression:

“The educational institution is very modern. The equipment in the laboratory just amazed me, - the father of the 11th grade student Sergey Kushov shared his impressions. - I have not met such modern universities. The most important thing is that people are taught here using existing equipment, which they will use in the future at enterprises. ”

They noted the university’s focus on practical classes and future applicants:“ We liked the fact that there was a lot of practice at the presentation, the number of laboratories, that everything is very clear, interesting, informative. The university is distinguished by its modern design, "- said Alina Trofimova, a 11th grade student.

Tatiana Volegova, teacher of the Fakel out-of-school work center in Baranchinsky village, specializing in career guidance, expressed the hope that such events will help determine the future a profession not only for school graduates, but also for current ninth-graders. Having got acquainted with the ultramodern higher educational institution, the Baranchinsky schoolchildren took a fresh look at their future and thought about getting an education and a profession within the walls of the UMMC Technical University.

In addition, Baranchinsky schoolchildren were shown comfortable living conditions in a newly built student hostel. Double and quadruple rooms equipped with showers, refrigerators, TVs with Wi-Fi access. Students living in the hostel have the opportunity to visit the gym in their free time.

Also, within the framework of the Open Doors Day, guests from the village of Baranchinsky attended master classes, theatrical quests, and were able to communicate with students and teachers. The final stage of the visit to Verkhnyaya Pyshma for the Baranchinsky schoolchildren was an excursion to the UMMC museum complex.


The UMMC Technical University was opened in September 2013 for training and retraining of personnel of enterprises of the mining and metallurgical industry ... More than 10 thousand people are trained annually under the programs of additional professional education at TU UMMC (70% are from UMMC; 30% are employees of other industrial companies). More than 330 people in five areas of full-time education and 265 people - in absentia receive higher education under the bachelor's and specialty programs at the university. A distinctive feature of the university is the close connection between the educational process and production: many UMMC employees are university teachers, the heads of UMMC organizations are individual mentors of students, the university laboratories are integrated with the research centers of enterprises, and the duration of practical training and internships at TU UMMC is longer than in most technical universities. .

Directions of study at the UMMC Technical University:

BACHELOR, SPECIALTY (full-time and part-time):


Automation of technological processes and production; Power engineering and electrical engineering; Technological machines and equipment; Mining.


Economics (training program "Management of economic efficiency

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