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Dentistry services in Kiev

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Dentistry services in Kiev

Absolutely no one is immune from problems in the oral cavity. If you need high-quality medical care, you can contact the Lukashuk clinic in Kiev. This is a modern dentistry with a wide range of services and affordable pricing policy. You can learn more about her services on the website.

Lukashuk Dental Services

The price list contains a wide range of services in different directions, from the installation of a filling and tooth extraction to alignment and prosthetics. The whole range of services provided is divided into categories. The following services can be noted:

  • Dental treatment - filling, restoration, etc.
  • 3D-diagnostics - panoramic images, CT of the maxillary sinuses and jaws.
  • Implantation - installation of various types of dental implants, bone grafting.
  • Whitening. Various whitening technologies are used - office, pearl and others.
  • Installing veneers and braces.
  • Pediatric dentistry services.
  • Prosthetics - crown placement, ceramic restorations, etc.

In addition to orthopedic dentists, periodontists, experienced surgeons conduct a visit here, who painlessly remove teeth that cannot be treated. For the convenience of each client, prices for services are indicated on the site. They include the cost of work, consultation, etc. Transparent pricing, availability and price negotiation with the patient - these are the basic principles of the clinic.

Dentistry in Kiev: treatment and prosthetics

The staff includes experienced dentists who have experience and use modern treatment technologies. During the procedures, they use modern equipment, tools and materials for work.

Injections and discomfort from procedures are a thing of the past. By visiting the doctor's office, you will not be afraid to experience pain. For patients, there are promotions and special offers for visiting. You can get an installment plan for implantation. By paying the full cost of dental prosthetics, you get a discount. The clinic is located in a convenient location in Kiev. Here, each patient will receive proper dental care.

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