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Within the framework of the FIBA ​​project "Her World, Her Rules", a master class was held for young basketball players of the Urals

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Within the framework of the FIBA ​​project "Her World, Her Rules", a master class was held for young basketball players of the Urals

Children's Day at the UMMC-Junior sports school was celebrated with a sports holiday. On the main arena of the UMMC Sports Palace, the Russian Basketball Federation, together with the coaches of the UMMC-Junior CYSS, held a master class under the FIBA ​​program Her World, Her Rules.

The master class was attended by 37 girls aged from 6 to 13 years old from Verkhnyaya Pyshma and Yekaterinburg. Tatiana Fefilova, the ex-captain of the Uralmash team, and now the coach of the youth team of BC UMMC, shared her skills with young basketball players. Rustam Abdullin and Tatiana Katt, coaches of the UMMC-Junior Children's and Youth Sports School acted as assistants.

The holiday training lasted more than an hour and included a warm-up, exercises for coordination of movements, for the development of attention and concentration, as well as basic basketball elements. It all ended with a fun team game and a joint photo session.

Rustam Abdullin, coach of the UMMC-Junior Children's and Youth Sports School:

- Today in our beautiful hall there was a children's party, which the basketball players were looking forward to. , and trainers. Unfortunately, in our current reality, not everyone could get on it, but on the whole the holiday was a success. The children left the UMMC Sports Palace with gifts and good mood. It is very symbolic that the master class in Verkhnyaya Pyshma was held on Children's Day. Undoubtedly, there should be more such days in our life. They are an integral part of the popularization of our sport. Quantity always turns into quality, and we go from mass production to good results. And we are only glad that more girls and boys will play basketball.

The FIBA ​​project “Her World, Her Rules” was launched in 2019 at the European Championship. BC UMMC supported this project and during the 2019-2020 club basketball season held two open master classes for young basketball players from Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Tagil and Pervouralsk.

New round of the project FIBA, aimed at supporting and developing basketball for girls and women at the national level, was launched in Russia on May 29. The grant received from FIBA ​​will allow the Russian Basketball Federation to implement this project in 5 cities this year. Master classes on the program “Her World, Her Rules” have already been held in Mytishchi and Rostov-on-Don, and then they will be held in Moscow and Samara.

Nikolay Galaev, head of the RBF reserve training department:

- The main goal of both FIBA ​​and us is to popularize women's basketball. In Russia, it is well developed, but I want this pace to only grow and not stop. So that children know and understand that being involved in basketball brings them, in addition to pleasure and joy, the opportunity to build their life path from the point of view of a professional career, in which, in particular, UMMC greatly helps. There are excellent conditions for children here. Basketball players can go from a sports school to an adult professional club. And a lot on this path, of course, will depend on them. From how they themselves will dispose of all these excellent conditions that have been created in Verkhnyaya Pyshma.

Already in the next calendar season, the Russian Basketball Federation will hold similar events in cities where Superleague teams are present, and where much attention is paid to the development of women's basketball.

In general, FIBA ​​Europe announced a large-scale development of this project until 2023.

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