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Artistic furniture milling

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Artistic furniture milling

Thanks to the distribution of high-quality, durable and inexpensive MDF boards, furniture production has taken on completely new dimensions. Customers can get any piece of furniture according to their individual dimensions. So that it occupies a certain space in the room. Artistic milling of the front side of the panel makes furniture individual. Even a small design drawing makes furniture unique, increases its value, not only in the eyes of the property owner.

Milling sequence

Milling not only gives artistic value to furniture, but also performs a number of practical functions. Experts distinguish three different stages. Each of them can act as an independent solution, or complement each other. But, they all require completely different attachments to get a high-quality result:

  1. Milling corners is a practical solution. The absence of a sharp edge saves people from getting injured during the daily use of furniture. The rounding can be as small, 2 mm, and deep, up to 10 millimeters.
  2. Edge milling, the most popular, gives a certain style to products. It is especially important if the customer has ordered the production of a whole set of furniture.
  3. The most difficult is considered to be manual or machine milling of the front panel. Depending on the complexity of the drawing, the process can take from several minutes to an hour of machine operation.

Wood milling machines

The CNC machine greatly facilitates and speeds up the work of drawing an artistic drawing. The machine does not make mistakes, and even the most complex ornament is geometrically accurate. Other advantages of using the machine can be added:

  • using the program, you can create any drawing, repeat it on different elements of furniture at different scales;
  • the machine saves material, does not allow defects in the process of applying the facade pattern;
  • finishing does not require subsequent manual polishing;
  • the speed of creating a picture is several times faster than the work of the most experienced master.

Ready-made templates can be bought, or you can create your own, and save in the memory of the machine. By combining different patterns, you can achieve uniqueness.

The importance of quality phrases for MDF

All work on creating contours and full-fledged images is carried out with a variety of cutters. End mills are most commonly used in modern machine tools. All of them are aimed at doing the following operations on the wood board:

  • drilling holes of different diameters;
  • engraving picture;
  • decorative edging;
  • end profile creation.

There are no universal cutters. Each is designed to perform only one type of work. The most used ones gradually wear out and need to be replaced. Spherical can be conventionally called universal, since they can perform most of the work. But, it cannot replace the rest of the assortment.

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