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High quality frameless furniture Art-Poof

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High quality frameless furniture Art-Poof

Those who are interested in new fashion trends in the furniture market, must have heard about frameless furniture. Especially popular in this niche now use a variety of bean bags. Their loved adults and children, which is not surprising, because these chairs are very interesting and convenient.

bean bags from Art-Pouf - stylish furniture of excellent quality

Chair bag Art-PUF - the achievements of professional artists and designers. A convenient piece of furniture takes the form of the body sitting on it people, so to be in this chair as comfortable as possible.

Structural features

the Lack of a rigid frame makes the chair easier, its easy to carry from place to place. The inner space of the chair filled with a filler which can be made from many different materials. Quite often the filler used polystyrene. Its popularity is due to convenience and environmental safety. Another advantage of the polystyrene beads - they are a long time do not shrink, and all due to the small diameter and material density.

Some models of bean bags, more expensive, filled with synthetic fluff, which increases strength and performance of the furniture.

There are several versions of these chairs: one pouch of durable fabric and with quality welds, or with two covers - an inner and an outer. To take care of the covers is quite simple: the top cover is removed and washed with normal detergent. Regular maintenance of such furniture will preserve its attractive appearance and extend the life.

the Fabric seat is also sometimes very different - from faux leather to natural fabrics.

At any time a bean bag can be transformed in a comfortable bed. The furniture has well-defined forms, it acquires them only under the weight of the human body, so in a chair relaxing in any position.

Chair of Art-Poof in interior design

Frameless furniture can decorate the interior of any premises, whether residential or office space. Such furnishings commonly used in modern design spaces, it is appropriate almost everywhere. Moreover, there are plenty to choose: different shapes, colors and configurations.

the Main advantages of frameless seat

    • Relatively small weight that allows you to move the chair anywhere and everywhere. The bean bag chair can lift even a child, so parents often choose it to complement the soft furniture in children's rooms.
      • the Lack of pointed corners provides absolute safety, this is especially true if the family has small children.
        • the flexibility of furniture allows you to choose the most suitable interior color scheme. It is possible to change the color of the upper covers, to create a harmonious and personal atmosphere in the room.
          • On the terraces and backyards bean bags look very interesting and original.
            • Filler inside the chair does not absorb water, so it is safe to place near water and areas with high humidity. A nice option is to use a chair instead of a chaise longue.

what to look for when choosing a frameless seat

  • in Constant contact with the floor surface can lead to the rapid contamination of the surface of the furniture, so it is important to monitor the cleanliness of the outer case.
    • do Not place the chair close to sharp objects - they can seriously damage the surface of furniture and to break its integrity.
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