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For the first time in Russia, a corporate University conducted the defense of the thesis in distance learning format

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For the first time in Russia, a corporate University conducted the defense of the thesis in distance learning format

last week, the Department of applied Economics of the Technical University of UMMC Ekaterinburg took place the protection of final qualification works of undergraduates. This is not the first graduates of the master of corporate engineering of the University, but this time it was unusual in the magnitude of the current situation of restrictions in Russia and the world. Members of the state examination Commission (SEC) and students of the University were divided by two to more than thousand kilometers. Because of the quarantine, pandemic coronavirus, each of the thirteen graduate students-economists THAT UMMC has presented the results of his research work on the system of video conferencing. Students usually defended themselves from home. Looking ahead, we say that today all thirteen students exhibited "excellent".

"Cloud protection" was fraught with two risks. On the one hand, I needed a stable Internet connection for six, and possibly more hours. Moreover, it was necessary to organize the interaction of dozens of people: not only the members of SEC and undergraduates, but also supervisors, supervisors, experts. Secondly, the distance should not prevent you to fully understand the competence acquired by students over 2.5 years correspondence course and to reduce the degree of passions inherent in such serious stages in the life of every person. "The graduation is always an emotional climax for the students and for the issuing Department, and the remote format could deprive the University, "the gleam in the eyes of students", - says head of the Department of applied Economics TU UMMC Dmitry Voronov. - As a result of the work they have done over the years of training, could be opened sufficiently. But THAT UMMC graduate students well-prepared to defend at a distance. The state examination Commission was not left a shadow of doubt put before the undergraduates of the scientific and production goals are met in full".

As noted by members of the SEC, a clear tendency of all projects is the move toward comprehensive digitization of local solutions masters in a single system throughout the company.

Here are just three examples. Deputy head of economic planning Department of PJSC "Chelyabinsk zinc plant" Catherine Kocur (scientific supervisor – head of feasibility studies, OAO "uralmekhanobr" candidate. Ekon. Sciences Elena Pozdnyakova) presented the mechanism of transformation of financial statements of LLP "NOVA zinc" for integration into the corporate system of management accounting to UMMC.

the Leading economist of Department of budgeting of OJSC"UGMK" Anastasia Lihosherstova (scientific supervisor – head of Department of strategic analysis of OJSC"UGMK" candidate. Ekon. Sciences Anton Emelyanov) conducted a detailed study of the formation of the cost at mining enterprises of UMMC. The project will create a unified system of planning, accounting, analysis and control of the cost of mining and processing enterprises of the holding.

an economist with the planning of the mine of OJSC"Svyatogor" Andrew Burgardt (scientific supervisor – Cand. Ekon. Sciences Alla Golubeva) has introduced a new decision-making approaches on the timing of replacement of worn equipment. This will improve the operating efficiency of the basic production assets of the enterprises of UMMC.

protection day was organized in connection with Ekaterinburg and the Top Pyshma, Chelyabinsk, Shadrinska, Mednogorsk, the Stavropol, Tomsk, the Sibay, Krasnouralsk, Kemerovo, Rubtsovsk, and the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan, where the company "Nova zinc". Just in the process of protection of master's qualification work was involved 52 people, including five members of the State examination Commission (SEC). This means that at the same time the network was more than 50 points of contact that are separated from each other, sometimes thousands of miles (say, from Upper Pyshma to Rubtsovsk, Altai territory – 1800 km).

"Protection of works of the graduate students participated in the program "Skype for business", - says head of Department of information technologies of TU of UMMC Andrey Godchildren. The technology of remote training, we worked for several years. But the most important event of protection, and with so many high-status participants, for the first time. So in advance of our IT-professionals performed several stages of testing reliability of communications. Problems managed to be solved before the defense. Therefore, the members of the SEC no difficulties have arisen, all of the computers and their owners were ready to talk. The presentation, the students showed themselves, then there were questions and answers. A total of thirteen protection works took about six hours. About the same time it would take and to protection in person, in the usual mode."

newly made masters of Themselves, comparing their feelings with that, as were earlier talking about the constant feeling of responsibility, but other emotional feelings. Anastasia Lihosherstova: "the Current non-standard protection, where I'm alone in front of the screen and the camera, and not directly to the Commission, the level of excitement, tension, consistent with the importance of the event. Responsibility cannot be underestimated, though, and protected me this time from your home computer in the apartment in the Top Pyshma. The link, by the way, was wonderful. Yeah, I couldn't see the reaction of members of the state examination Board, answered their questions "into the screen", but perhaps it's for the better – so less distracted by the external background, concentrating fully on the subject matter. What was really unusual is the lack of a number of other undergraduates. Two and a half years of training we really bonded, became friends. Each studied system of accounting and analysis of production costs in your company, but then compared the results, summarized the data, shared experiences. And when protection had to be away from each other. Usually because in such cases the students cheer for each other, met together after defending applause. Here we continuously listened to protect each other and everyone who finished, was congratulated on the phone."

Note that the Anastasia had to defend himself in his native Hai, but the new knowledge obtained in the learning process in graduate courses THAT UMMC has contributed to her transfer to the Office of budgeting management company, OAO "UGMK". She now lives in Verkhnyaya Pyshma. Under the leadership of Deputy head of Department Svetlana Kitasaiwai involved in a new project for the development of financial models of enterprises of UMMC holding in General. "This is a great example of how the team contributes to the identification of such "stars" - promising professionals "from the field", their training and involvement in new projects for the company. Of course, the honored and the career of these professionals," - commented the Director of the University Vyacheslav Lapin.

for the First time in the work of the state examination Board was attended by the head of Department of budgeting JSC "UMMC" Aleftina Kitagawa: "Thanks to the clear organization of the University's defense was confident and dynamic. The results of the undergraduates in the 2.5 years of training will be in demand in the current activities of enterprises. From the point of view of practical remote form - unusual process, and may not be fully allows the student to open up. But it is a rewarding experience. Remote technology is the technology of the future. They need "friends". Well, the UMMC does it systematically".

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