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Rent of TV stands

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Rent of TV stands

At any conference or presentation, a TV is a mandatory attribute. It displays various information on the screen to help organize the event. Renting a TV stand is an opportunity to hold any presentation in full compliance with requirements. You can rent such equipment in Moscow by contacting the specialists of the 7KVT company.

Why rent a TV stand?

Are you planning to hold an exhibition or presentation? Perhaps you are planning a family celebration? You should carefully prepare for any event. To show the video files to the viewer, you need a TV. For its convenient placement, you need to prepare a special stand or bracket. In order not to spend money on the purchase of auxiliary equipment, renting it is a reasonable solution.

Features of renting TV stands and brackets

An official event requires the connection of special equipment. The company can order a bracket, both on wheels, and without them, which is placed on the floor.

Renting a stand for a large TV has a number of features. Among them are:

  • Delivery at a convenient time.
  • Possibility of self-pickup.
  • Online editing.
  • Reliability of the offered equipment.
  • Affordable prices and discounts.

Mounts are compatible with any TV models. They are attached quite easily. At the same time, we can note the reliability and strength of the structure, which allows you to install the TV without fear of its safety.

Plasma TV Stand is designed for TVs with screen sizes from 40 to 65 inches. The height of the top of the rack is 2 meters. It should be noted that the rental price for the second day is 50% lower. When renting for three or more days, discounts are up to 80%.

Thus, thanks to the plasma stand, presentations and various demonstration files can be shown from any angle for the comfort of the audience. You can learn more about rental conditions on the 7KVT website.

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