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Delivery of cocktails # 1 finally in Kiev!

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Delivery of cocktails # 1 finally in Kiev!

Now your bar is under your nose, just one phone call away! Do not think any more about tasteless alcohol, incomprehensible proportions or "tried " cooking methods that cause headaches. Hunt to enjoy an evening with Penicillin cocktail or the legendary Tequila Sunrise? Nothing is impossible, one order and after 60 minutes you can enjoy appetizing drinks that have been mixed by experts.

Benefits of a cocktail delivery service

Alcohol must be real. It is much more exciting to spend the evening hours not with a frothy drink and dull snacks, but with delicious aromatic cocktails. But in order to fill your own bar, you will have to spend money and time researching technological maps and recipes. And still, in this situation, it is not easy to predict the attraction of all party participants.

So, prompt delivery of cocktails in Kiev is capable of resolve all issues.

The main benefits of the service are obvious:

  • It's delicious;
  • This is real;
  • Instantaneous and does not force additional actions.

Making a cocktail starts immediately after the order is received. No preliminary preparation or long-term savings. Delivery takes place to any point in the city where there is a desire for the event! The inclusion of real first-class alcohol in cocktails will save you and your guests from poisoning and any unfortunate phenomena. You can place an order almost at dawn, namely from 11.30.

Home conversations with friends turn into a true party without any problems, and the end of a working day will become much tastier. A messenger can come to the SPA to brighten up the time for nail extension or pedicure, add a drink to the mash (but if you are not driving) or add emotions to a tired shopping. When ordering from 4 items (in one bottle 100 ml), delivery is free. A semblance of a compliment from a master cocktail mixer and a bow for loyalty to the norms.

Why is this significant?

Home delivery has long been transformed from something surprising into a familiar routine. And the restrictions and the alarming situation with the lockdown became the impetus for improving entrepreneurship. Bars have evolved from hangouts into points of delivery for fun and delicious booze. All you need is a nice glass, and we will bring ice and decor elements to the cocktail. The aesthetics of the establishments are moving to the familiar cuisine without losing their taste. One call, quick order and you're done!

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