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"Kuzbassrazrezugol" prepared to fight forest fires

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"Kuzbassrazrezugol" prepared to fight forest fires

The branches of JSC "MC" Kuzbassrazrezugol "(an enterprise of the raw materials complex of the UMMC) received five off-road vehicles UAZ - 390945" Farmer ". These vehicles were purchased as part of measures to ensure the fire safety of forests.

The production facilities of the Kuzbassrazrezugol Management Company are often located not far from forests. To protect them from possible forest fires in the spring-autumn period, the company has developed an action plan to prevent their occurrence. For its implementation, points for the concentration of fire-fighting equipment were equipped at the open-pit mines. The new off-road vehicles will be used as mobile forest patrol systems to prevent and extinguish forest fires. The machines are equipped with the necessary inventory and equipment: firefighting backpacks, shovels, axes, universal filtering small-sized self-rescuers, water tanks, first aid kits, sets of firefighting sleeves, etc.

“The company is a responsible subsoil user, including on such an important issue as ensuring the fire safety of forests located in the territories of Kuzbassrazrezugol or approaching them, - says Sergey Yurchenko, head of the subsoil use department of JSC MC Kuzbassrazrezugol. “Mobile complexes will help us to respond promptly in case of fire detection and prevent its spread." /p>

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