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"Svyatogor" landscaped 67 hectares of forest areas

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"Svyatogor" landscaped 67 hectares of forest areas

Krasnouralsk (Sverdlovsk region)

On the territory of the urban forests of Krasnouralsk, Svyatogor JSC (an enterprise of the UMMC metallurgical complex) planted 140 thousand pine and spruce seedlings. In total, during the environmental action, the enterprise planted 67 hectares of forest area. - Work on compensatory reforestation in the city forests of Krasnouralsk was carried out in order to comply with the requirements of forest legislation, - said Alexey Bachurin, Deputy Director for Mining - Head of the Mining Department of Svyatogor JSC ... - The sites for planting were agreed with the department of environmental protection of the administration of the Krasnouralsk GO, whose specialists carried out the acceptance of the work performed. Before the planting of coniferous crops, the forest sites were practically deserted. Landscaping work began in the spring of 2021. First of all, the territory was cleared from stumps and dead wood, the lines of future rows of forest crops were gradually identified, and then holes for tiny trees began to appear one after another. As a result, treeless lands were covered with thousands of seedlings of coniferous forest cultures with closed root systems. “Both spruce and Scots pine were grown in the Sarafanovsky plant nursery, one of the largest nurseries in Russia,” said Marina Balakina, specialist of the land relations department of Svyatogor JSC. - All planting materials are certified, correspond to the forest seed region of the Middle Urals, which significantly increases the chances of these small representatives of flora for survival in our conditions. As the company notes, young shoots will be provided with agrotechnical care. environment administration Krasnouralsk city Irina Kostyukova. - And the amount of work that the city-forming enterprise has done is simply colossal. Therefore, let's all together take care of our future forest - this storehouse of fresh needles and clean air.

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