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A new 240-ton BELAZ was launched at Mikhailovsky GOK

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At the Mikhailovsky mining and processing plant named after A.V. Varichev (part of the Metalloinvest company), a new 240-ton BELAZ has been launched. It is involved in the transportation of rock mass to transfer points and a crushing and conveyor complex.

The received dump truck became the third vehicle of this capacity at the plant. Within a few weeks, it is planned to commission another similar heavy-duty truck. The cars are being purchased as part of Metalloinvest's investment program for the development of the mining and transportation complex, aimed at updating the fleet and switching to high-performance equipment.

“Compared to 220-ton trucks, the new BELAZ transports 600 tons more per shift, and 30 thousand tons per shift,” explained Viktor Kuznetsov, head of the operation service of the tractor department of the Mikhailovsky GOK. ¬– In addition to dump trucks, excavators with a bucket volume of 18-20 cubic meters are purchased, which ensures the optimal ratio of the machine body and excavator bucket. "

A pilot project has been introduced in the new car - the "Antison" security system. Cameras in the cockpit record facial expressions, eye movements and turns of the driver's head. When signs of tiredness or drowsiness appear, a beep sounds. Based on the results of the tests, a decision will be made to implement the system on other quarry equipment.

The dump truck's engine power has been increased by 200 horsepower, which allows it to confidently climb hills. Strengthened front suspension elements, tie rods and ball joints, which provide stability on the road and a smooth ride. The body of the dump truck is equipped with a massive front visor, which completely covers the technological platform and the cab from falling rock debris. BELAZ has modern systems of automatic fire extinguishing, tire pressure monitoring and video review. The on-board computer controls all the parameters of the heavy truck.

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