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Protective masks made of neoprene fabric

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Protective masks made of neoprene fabric

An unusually easily spread by airborne droplets and an intractable virus that swept the entire planet, it made not only pharmaceutical companies look for ways to combat it. Manufacturers of sanitary products such as protective face masks also contributed:

  • Increasing production rates many times over.
  • Introducing modern technologies.
  • Using new innovative materials.

So, individual masks, for the manufacture of which such fabric material as neoprene is used, are especially in high demand among the population due to a whole set of advantages in comparison with classic gauze dressings:

  • The product is a reusable product, such a mask can be periodically disinfected and washed by hand, and then used again.
  • The elasticity of the material allows you to completely and tightly fit the oronasal cavity, excluding the ingress of air without filtering through the fabric.

The higher filtering properties of the new fabric increase the efficiency of using such an individual protective mask. In addition, the fabric allows you to apply color patterns on it (for example, the mouth of a dog or the logo of your favorite football club), which was especially liked by the younger generation.

What is neoprene

The fabric called neoprene is completely artificial and is a so-called synthetic or chloroprene rubber. Its main properties that are suitable for the manufacture of individual protective dressings include:

  • Almost completely waterproof.
  • The presence of pores that allow air flow during inhalation or exhalation and retain moisture from the outside, as well as the user's waste biomaterial.

It is due to these properties that the virus is excluded from breathing. You can buy neoprene masks using the official website of the company that manufactures them using its own production facilities. Finished products in large volumes are available at the company's warehouse and are shipped to the customer immediately after the purchase.

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