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Welding helmets from the "Speedglas" trademark

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Welding helmets from the "Speedglas" trademark

An integral attribute of every welder, of course, is a welding mask. It is a reliable and protective accessory that every welder needs. On the site https://lenta-plus.com/produkciya-3m/sredstva-individualnoj-zashity-3m/zashita-pri-svarke-3m/svarochnye-maski-speedglas-3m/ Speedglas welding helmets are available. Each model of such a mask has high technical parameters and can be used for a long time.

How to choose the right welding helmet

If you need to purchase high-quality masks for welding, you can pay attention to the model of the manufacturer Speedglas. They are reliable and practical models for everyday use. The Lenta Plus company offers to purchase high quality welding helmets.

The site contains a catalog that provides a convenient form for selecting models depending on the following parameters:

  • Mask nutrition.
  • Body material.
  • View.
  • Maximum shade.
  • Filter size.

When choosing a mask for welding, it is also very important to pay attention to such additional functions as radiation protection, the presence of an optical sensor on the light filter, and others. Thanks to these criteria, you can choose a mask for specific tasks in any production.

Ordering welding helmets SpeedGlas

Welding shields are suitable for various types of welding work. They can be used by both professional welders and novices. Some models protect against infrared as well as ultraviolet radiation. For the convenience of making a purchase, the website contains detailed information about the welding masks of the manufacturer Speedglas. In addition to the technical characteristics, the site contains the current cost of the models of welding shields. All this will allow you to quickly select a welding mask with the required parameters. The assortment of the Lenta Plus company also includes other types of personal protective equipment for the face and eyes for welding.

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