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Products of Zavod Elastomer LLC

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Products of Zavod Elastomer LLC

The enterprise Elastomer Plant LLC was launched into full-scale operation almost 20 years ago. Today, its production workshops, equipped with the most advanced equipment and high-tech equipment, meet the needs of not only the country's domestic market (the product catalog is presented on the official website https://www.elastomer.org.ua/):

  • A wide range of rubber compounds.
  • Rubber products for various purposes.
  • Brake pads for many car models.

Correct, well-structured management policy, as well as management, allows the company to feel confident even in the context of the global financial crisis and a general decline in production. The presence of long-term and large contracts ensures the receipt of profit, part of which is allocated for the modernization of production facilities.

What is in demand today

The reputation of a manufacturer of quality products and a reliable supplier that confidently fulfills contractual obligations, gained over the years of activity of Zavod Elastomer LLC, is a kind of visiting card of the enterprise. Today, interested customers are offered a very wide range of only one type of products, for example:

  • Raw materials from various types of rubber - styrene-butadiene, natural NK, ethylene-propylene, and dozens of other types.
  • Rubber products, including custom-made products - oil and petrol-resistant seals and rings, rubber parts for shock absorbers and hydraulic systems, accessories for cars of any brands (for example, dimensional floor mats).
  • Rubber plates with a thickness of 2 to 50 mm of 3 types - oil and petrol resistant, vacuum and silicone, fully corresponding in their quality indicators to the parameters of the current GOST.

More complete information is available to customers on the official website of LLC Elastomer Plant. They have the resource options "Get an offer" and "Get a price". For an individual consultation on quality issues, ordering and drawing up a supply agreement, the main page of the portal contains the phone numbers of the technologist and finished product sales departments.

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