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Units and accessories for piping systems

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Units and accessories for piping systems

Pipeline systems for the transportation of working bodies of liquids or gases, including over long distances, under high pressure or with observance of temperature parameters, are quite complex design solutions required when performing certain technological tasks. Their main component is considered to be such a type of rolled metal as a round pipe, but the device diagram assumes the use of a wide variety of components (a wide range of products is presented in the online catalog https://ukrtrubodetal.com.ua/ the official website of the supplier, the company LLC Ukrtrubodetal). These include:

  • Shut-off valves are a mandatory element for emergency or technological complete (partial) blocking of the flow, as well as redirecting it to other mains.
  • Branches and tees - are required to connect an additional trunk branch to the pipeline system (passing branch to the consumer). They are made using a seamless method.
  • Plugs - a pipeline with a terminal branch, is equipped with this part, which is able to reliably hold dynamic shocks and increased internal pressure.
  • Transitions and flanges - the connection of pipes to each other, based on the engineering calculations of the designers, is often carried out using these parts.

Taking into account the fact that some pipeline systems are made of rolled metal pipes made using stainless steel grades, a format of components of a similar quality is also presented on the supplier's catalog pages.


Due to the fact that accessories for pipeline systems supplied by Ukrtrubodetal fully comply with generally accepted standard sizes, they can be purchased online. They have a quality guarantee from well-known manufacturers and have passed the necessary tests. All products presented on the website are available in stock, provided to the customer immediately after the purchase, as an additional option, it is possible to arrange delivery to the address indicated by the buyer.

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