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MMK surveys customer satisfaction using a web survey

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To meet the challenge of meeting the current and future needs of its clients, MMK develops support systems and clarifies individual needs, as well as improves feedback. These goals are served by the web-based consumer survey system developed at the plant, which was launched in December 2020. The user-friendly interface of the completely new system provides customers with the opportunity to online not only scores in various areas of the enterprise's activities, but also leave comments with suggestions and comments on the work of PJSC MMK. The questionnaire process is automated, which allows you to quickly respond to complex tasks and receive information from the consumer necessary for the development of corrective actions. The automated system allows you to avoid paperwork, which is inevitable in traditional questionnaires, and therefore eliminates errors when processing a large amount of data associated with the human factor. In addition, it should be noted that thanks to the implementation of the system, it is possible to interview a larger number of counterparties, save all the necessary information in a single database, process the current survey results at any time in a short period of time and compare with the results of previous surveys. with the help of web-based questionnaires, it will contribute to the development of a customer-oriented approach in the company and strengthen the position of PJSC MMK in the metal products market.
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