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Electrical work from the E-MASTER company

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Electrical work from the E-MASTER company

Not every company can perform electrical work efficiently. If you need to carry out electrical work, we recommend that you contact our company e-master.kiev.ua /. These works involve a wide range of operations, the main task of which is to provide a building or any room with an electrical network and corresponding systems. It is important that these works are performed by professionals, people who have not only the necessary knowledge and experience, but also all the necessary approvals. It is highly discouraged to carry out such work on your own, as carrying out these works can be dangerous not only for your life, but can also lead to further fire and fire.

Stages of work

As a rule, electrical work includes several main stages, among them:

If it is necessary to connect to the general power grid (especially at high capacities), then it is necessary to obtain the appropriate permits from the generating companies. As soon as the approval stage is passed, it is necessary to develop a scheme for installing the electrical network and its elements. In addition, preliminary calculations must be made. It is necessary to calculate the total power and its distribution, taking into account lighting devices, household and industrial appliances, heating systems, and so on.

A project for a specific object usually includes:

  • After all the calculations are completed, the installation scheme and the layout of the elements are developed. The internal wiring is located, the power supply input and the location of meters and other elements are indicated. Further, the location of outlets, switches and other elements of the electrical network is determined. In accordance with the plan and accounting for capacity, wires, junction boxes, meters, circuit breakers and so on are purchased.
  • As soon as all elements of the system are purchased, direct installation is performed.

In our company E-MASTER has everything to create an electrical network diagram and direct electrical installation work. These are not only highly qualified electricians, but also all the necessary equipment from jigsaws and electric drills to tools with dielectric handles. In addition, we have all the necessary components, these are: sockets, junction boxes, wiring fasteners, wires, and so on. You can always order accessories that suit your electrical system from your point of view.

Electrical work performed by us

If you look at our price list for electrical work, you will see that we perform a wide range of operations, these are:

  • Installation of cables, indoor lighting, cable structures.
  • Installation of panel board equipment and outdoor lighting.
  • Installation of wiring accessories.
  • Slitting, drilling, installation of switchgear.
  • Installing sockets and connecting transformers, connecting a duct fan, and so on.

This is not a complete price list for electrical work, you can always order the work you need in the required volume, including additional ones. At the same time, the prices for electrical work are among the lowest in Krasnodar. In addition, it is beneficial to cooperate with us for other reasons:

  • We employ real professionals in their field, we have all the necessary tools and equipment. A large number of components are available, while it is constantly being updated.
  • We guarantee high quality service and favorable prices, regular customers can count on additional discounts.
  • You can pay for the service in any way convenient for you.

As you can see, it is really profitable to cooperate with dreams, contact the time-tested companies, our prices for electrical work will pleasantly surprise you!

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