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Features of taking lead in Moscow

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Features of taking lead in Moscow

Lead belongs to the category of non-ferrous metals that are resistant to various environmental factors. Due to the ability to absorb radioactive radiation, the demand in various production areas is explained. If you need to hand over a batch of this non-ferrous metal, you can contact the specialists of the EcoPromMet company. They offer quality services to anyone interested in lead intake . Let's take a closer look at it.

Lead collection point in Moscow

Lead is in the greatest demand in the secondary raw materials market. Such a service as the purchase of lead scrap is very popular with customers. If you have a batch of lead available, you can safely contact the company's specialists in Moscow. The main features of cooperation with the company can be highlighted:

  • Transparency of all transactions and provision of all necessary documents for reporting.
  • High estimated cost, which depends on the delivered batch.
  • Payment upon delivery immediately after weighing.
  • Operational work of technical support.

If necessary, the company's specialists will come to the facility to carry out a preliminary calculation. They will organize the reception of scrap at a convenient time. The service of loading and unloading operations by the company's specialists is available. The calculation is made immediately after weighing on an accurate electronic balance.

Prices for the delivery of scrap lead

The final cost of the batch consists of several main criteria. First of all, it is influenced by the volume of the delivered batch. You can also note the amount of blockage and quality. For example, the percentage of contamination should vary within 6%. The less clogging, the higher the cost of the lead batch.

What types of lead are accepted?

In addition to tire weights and plates, the company's specialists accept cable lead, lump metal and other types. On the site you can find a price list for taking lead and clarify the current prices for the batch. For advice on the delivery of lead, you can contact the website of the company "EcoPromMet".

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