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Severstal presents an updated portfolio of brands

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Severstal modernized its portfolio of brands for customers in the construction, engineering and energy industries and thus completed the rebranding process. All advertising and information products, including Internet portals, catalogs, brochures, price lists, were brought into line with the current branding system and naming of products, services and solutions. The project was implemented on the basis of a business strategy and brand positioning developed in 2020. This approach has been applied for the first time in the Russian metallurgical market.

Tatiana Kondratyeva, Head of the Product Promotion Department of PJSC Severstal, commented: “The key feature of our approach is that the portfolio of product brands is created based on the requests and needs of the company's clients. It was based on products and services that solve the problems of consumers and give them additional value in the form of special properties, economic efficiency, and a comprehensive offer.

For the convenience of users, all product and service solutions of the company were divided into industries and areas of application. Each brand name reflects the key characteristics and benefits of a product or service. Thus, the product brand architecture allows customers to more easily navigate a diverse portfolio and make purchasing decisions. ”

An example of naming a comprehensive proposal for the construction industry is Forcera's reinforcement bar, strand and steel fiber reinforcement solutions. One of the advantages of Severstal in this case is the service of selection and calculation of reinforcing elements, as well as the possibility of developing special structures for a specific object.

Among the new brands for the construction of industrial and commercial facilities is a line of polymer-coated rolled products for the production of fencing Coversafe designs. Resistant to Superproof ammonia, Decoproof UV light, Classic longevity base material, safe and environmentally friendly Bioclea for use in the food and healthcare industry meets the stringent requirements for resistance to aggressive environments.

Cryoix cryogenic steel products are available for utilities. The range of cryogenic sheet metal, large diameter pipes and fittings combines resistance to low and extremely low temperatures. Severstal is the only Russian metallurgical company that has experience in supplying cryogenic steel for the construction of LNG plants in the Russian Federation.

Among the branded services with added value for customers, one can note technical consulting on Techcosultig and the loyalty programPlus. Currently, the new naming system contains 13 product brands. Flexible architecture allows you to add or exclude a product, service or solution.

Oleg Kuzmin, General Director of Lador & Fitch in Russia, summed up: “We will see how the leaders of the B2B market are increasingly creating branded products and solutions for their customers ... What used to be typical for the B2C market is coming to the market of industrial offers. Simplified portfolio categorization, clearer navigation and choice, emphasis on benefits and benefits that are primarily important for customers - all this provides an impetus for the development of branded products and solutions from industrial companies. ”

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