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Plate heat exchangers "RIDAN"

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Plate heat exchangers "RIDAN"

Using the properties of heat transfer (heat conductivity) of various materials served as the principle of creating heat exchangers consisting of a set of plates through which a cooled and heated stream (liquid, gas) of the working fluid passes. You can get acquainted with the most various types of their structural device on the website LLC "Chitinvest" - the official partner of the "RIDAN" company, which carries out them directly:

  • Design according to the preliminary calculation.
  • Delivery and installation on site.
  • Debug and run live.

Selection of the type of heat exchanger device is carried out according to the parameters provided by the customer and depends on the specifics of its use in the production or technological process. The most demanded and popular types include the following types of structures.

Easily demountable units

The plates used for the heat transfer process are easily assembled into a single unit and can be quickly dismantled for routine maintenance or equipment relocation. The principle of the device is as follows:

  • Pressure plate.
  • The plates themselves (can be made of stainless steels, titanium, non-ferrous alloys).
  • Gaskets to be installed between the plates.
  • Support base to carry out the installation of the required number of plates and spacers.
  • Movable platform for fixing the assembled structure.

The high speed of installation and dismantling works (can be performed in 1-2 hours) of this type of heat exchanger allows you to quickly eliminate leaks or blockages that have arisen in the system.

Welded heat exchangers

The plates are welded together in pairs and assembled into a single "package" without the use of gaskets. This type of equipment is used for technological processes in which there are elevated temperature values ​​(up to 900 C degrees) and high pressure of the working fluid (up to 100 Bar).

You can get more complete information and make a preliminary calculation of the cost of the required type of plate heat exchanger using the Internet resource of the RIDAN company. For an individual consultation, the site provides a "Callback" option.

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