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MMK Group Increases Charity and Social Programs Expenditures to Almost RUB 3 Billion

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At the same time, the share of the plant itself in the total volume of social and charitable expenses amounted to 73%, reaching 2.18 billion rubles, which is 21.8% higher than in 2019.

As noted by the General Director of PJSC MMK Pavel Shilyaev, “ our strategic priority is to follow the principles of sustainable development. This approach defines a responsible attitude to the environment, social issues, personnel development and the creation of a culture of opportunity, ensuring a safe working environment. We view projects in the area of ​​social responsibility as a long-term investment in the sustainable development of the company. Therefore, we attach key importance to the creation of a healthy social environment both at the enterprise itself and in Magnitogorsk. To this end, our company implements social and infrastructure projects and programs for its employees, as well as city residents, aimed at solving all pressing issues. ”

The largest area of ​​social investment in 2020 was charity, which was associated with the need countering the coronavirus pandemic. Already in the first days after the emergence of the epidemiological threat, PJSC MMK, by decision of the Chairman of the Board of Directors Viktor Rashnikov, allocated more than 530 million rubles to implement emergency measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to provide antiviral protection for MMK Group employees, as well as to support municipal organizations in Magnitogorsk and the most vulnerable categories of citizens.

First of all, MMK initiated and organized a large-scale charitable program "We Are Together", aimed at single pensioners, as well as especially needy and needy residents of the city. For them, on a monthly basis (from April to September 2020), food kits and kits of personal protective equipment were formed and delivered to targeted deliveries. For these purposes, 167 million rubles were allocated at the expense of PJSC MMK, as well as funds collected by the townspeople on a special charitable account.

In addition, it was decided to allocate additional funds to finance antiviral and socially targeted events in the city in the amount of more than 360 million rubles. Among the implemented social support measures are the purchase of equipment for health care institutions, payments to medical personnel working in a high-risk area; purchases of computer equipment for young teachers and schoolchildren from low-income families. Special disinfecting irradiators-recirculators were purchased and installed for Magnitogorsk kindergartens. The city's orphanages and boarding schools received non-contact thermometers.

Total charity expenses in the PJSC MMK Group in 2020 amounted to over 1.15 billion rubles, of which more than 1 billion fell to the parent company.

In addition, in 2020, the MMK Group allocated funds to protect the health of employees, implement treatment programs and prevent diseases (526.7 million rubles), compensate employees for the cost of vouchers for sanitary treatment (about 300 million) and the organization of children's recreation (52 million), the formation of the principles of a healthy lifestyle, the popularization of sports and physical education and the maintenance of sports facilities (132.7 million), stimulating the birth rate, supporting motherhood and large families (108.5 million rubles), organizing cultural - mass work and maintenance of houses of culture (100 million), providing workers with hot meals (66 million), housing, youth, educational programs and other voluntary social obligations (about 1 60 million). In 2020, the company allocated about 377 million rubles (322 million in 2019) for targeted social support of pensioners and disabled people under the Care program implemented on the basis of the Metallurg Charity Fund.

In total MMK Group's investments in charity and social programs in 2020 amounted to RUB 2,972.7 million.

Information and Public Relations Department of PJSC MMK

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