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Household UV Water Sterilizers

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Household UV Water Sterilizers

Water that has not undergone chlorination, as a rule, extracted from wells, wells or reservoirs, even in winter, can contain a very significant amount that is not visible to the human eye:

  • Microbes and bacteria.
  • The simplest unicellular organisms.

Filtration systems are able to retain only a small part of them, and until recently, boiling was the only way to disinfect water. At present, UV lamps of various modifications have been developed, passed all the necessary tests and launched into mass production (you can see the types here , on the website of a company that supplies this type of equipment to the domestic market). They have already found the widest application for water purification used:

  • For the technical needs of enterprises.
  • In the field of food production.
  • For pools and reservoirs.
  • At the household level.

In this case, the design of household appliances implies the connection of the UV emitter directly in the pipeline system. The equipment can be compactly located, for example, under the kitchen sink and provide the drinking water needs of the whole family.

How does a household UV emitter for water purification work

The schematic diagram of the construction of a household UV emitter for sterilizing running tap water has a fairly simple and understandable look. It includes:

  • Steel sealed body with threaded inlet and outlet for connection to water supply pipe.
  • A UV lamp (s) installed inside the housing, through the surface of which water flows.

There is a display on the case to monitor the status and serviceability of the device. Replacing lamps (if necessary) is carried out without dismantling the housing and can be performed by the user himself. You can get more detailed information and familiarize yourself with the models of household UV emitters for water purification using the online catalog of the VODOEXPERT company, which implements their implementation and provides installation services.

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