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Sportsmen of Mednogorsk celebrated housewarming

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Sportsmen of Mednogorsk celebrated housewarming

Mednogorsk (Orenburg region)

Mednogorsk MSK (an enterprise of the metallurgical complex of UMMC) presented the renovated weightlifting hall to the pupils of the sports school.

The weightlifting hall opened its doors after major repairs and re-profiling of the former ski base located at the Trud stadium. Funds for these purposes in the amount of 1.5 million rubles were allocated by a copper-sulfuric plant. A modern sports facility with a set of necessary equipment and facilities for full-fledged training, including the organization of competitions, has come at the disposal of the CYSS.

- Now we have a comfortable sports facility where up to fifty weightlifters can train at the same time, - says the candidate for master of sports Maxim Zalipyatsky, who noted the clear advantages of the new gym with the same conditions, when it was necessary to train in an adapted semi-basement of a residential building.

We add that the weightlifting section of the local youth sports school is famous for its sports achievements. So, at the last championship of the Orenburg region among juniors, Mednogorsk weightlifters won eight gold, four silver and three bronze medals.

- Currently, the Trud stadium is undergoing a systematic process to form a multifunctional sports complex so that the residents of Mednogorsk could engage in a variety of sports. The implementation of this program became possible thanks to the active participation of the city-forming enterprise, - says the head of the city Andrei Nizhegorodov.

Recall that in 2019, MMSK donated a refurbished training hall with a wrestling mat and exercise machines for classic style wrestlers. In August 2020, he put into operation the FOK "Sokol", and in the summer of this year he plans to start building a swimming pool. All these facilities are deployed at the city stadium.

In addition to the Mednogorsk copper and sulfur plant in the Orenburg region, there are such enterprises of the Ural mining and metallurgical company as PJSC Gaysky GOK (Gai city), specializing in the extraction of copper and pyrite ore by underground and open-pit methods and its processing at its own processing plant, Orenburg Radiator LLC (Orenburg), specializing in the development, implementation and serial production of radiator products.

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