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Proven effectiveness. GHP Group equipment in Estonian mines

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The manufacturer of drilling equipment, the Mine Master plant, which is part of the GHH Group, shared the results of the successful operation of 30 machines in the mines of Estonia. Among them are the self-propelled anchor installer Roof Master 1.7, the underground tunneling drilling rig Face Master 1.7 and the tunneling drilling rig that have demonstrated excellent performance Face Master 2.3EE.
Thus, the Roof Master 1.7 model has successfully proven itself in shale mines, where up to 13.5 million tons of shale were extracted annually for electricity production. Roof Master 1.7, is designed for anchoring the roof and side walls in the mining from 1.92 m to 4.5 m. The machine can install both mechanical anchors and those fixed with synthetic resin, with a length of 1.6, 1.8 and 2.6 m. Roof Master 1.7 is suitable for working in soft rocks: about 100 anchors can be installed per shift.
The working control is located next to the drilling rig, which allows you to accurately install anchors, both mechanical and with synthetic resin. The tool system allows drilling holes with a diameter of 25 – 38 mm. Depending on the strength of the rock, the effective installation time of the anchor takes from 2.5 to 3 minutes, including the drilling time of the hole.
According to the customer's requirements, the machine can be retrofitted with a dry rotary drilling system with dust collection, a wet drilling system with water flushing and a shock-rotational system.
To prepare the field, Estonian specialists used Face Master 1.7 R and Face Master 2.3 EE drilling rigs.
The first is designed for drilling holes with a diameter of 41 mm to 76 mm and a depth of up to 3.2 m when sinking workings with a height of 1.85 m. One of the main advantages of the model is its working height of 1.65 m, which is suitable for complex mining operations with a small height and slopes up to 15 degrees. The car is the lowest in its class, even with a charger installed.
In turn, the Face Master 2.3 EE installation is designed for drilling sinking holes with a diameter of 42 mm to 76 mm and is suitable for working in methane-free mine workings with a height of 3.0 to 6.1 m.The drilling area is 56 m2.
The boom of the machine is equipped with a telescopic feeder. The depth of the hole is from 2150 to 4010 mm, with the corresponding length of the drill rod - from 2440 to 4310 mm.
The FM 2.3 EE is characterized by compact dimensions and has great maneuverability: the internal turning radius is 3,300 mm, the external one is 6,650 mm.
The Face Master 1.7 R and Face Master 2.3 EE machines were specially designed to work with systems that are capable of performing both face drilling and drilling holes for anchors. Both of these tasks are performed in one cycle by one machine.
"The atmosphere in the underground mines is unique. Drilling and anchoring require a lot of labor, are monotonous, and can be dangerous for the operator. High temperature and humidity, toxic gases arising during the production of rock, as well as gases formed during the drilling of primary rocks – all this, combined with aggressive and caustic mine waters, makes the work of miners extremely difficult. We strive to adapt the equipment to any conditions by using high-quality materials that are highly fire-resistant and resist chemical exposure. All this is aimed at ensuring that our customers can increase their productivity due to the long service life of the equipment without the cost of additional maintenance and threats to the safety of personnel," commented Jan Petzold, CEO of GHH Group.
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