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At the forum in Magnitogorsk, industry representatives shared their experience in implementing innovations

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The Forum was organized by PJSC MMK and the Industrial Innovations Association with the support of the I-IT-y club of IT directors. Welcoming the participants of the event, Vadim Feoktistov, Chief Information Technology Officer of PJSC MMK, noted that for PJSC MMK digitalization is a priority area of ​​development and a driver of the company's growth. This is confirmed by the Development Strategy of PJSC MMK adopted in 2020, in which digitalization acts as one of the tools to achieve the company's strategic goals.

As of 2021, the portfolio of digitalization projects includes 57 projects in various business areas. “Considering that we are still a metallurgical enterprise, we focus on projects related to the production site, projects that will increase labor productivity, optimize production and technological processes, improve the quality of finished products and customer focus of the enterprise,” - told Vadim Feoktistov. According to him, in addition to the portfolio of projects, a portfolio of initiatives has also been formed - ideas of customers, which, after joint development, will develop into full-fledged projects. Today, there are about sixty such initiatives.

“All major digitalization decisions are made by the Digital Committee chaired by the CEO. We really appreciate that more and more specialists from the plant's structural divisions are involved in the process of generating and detailed elaboration of digital initiatives. The organization of such interaction was one of the main ideas in the development of the Digitalization Strategy of PJSC MMK, - noted Vadim Feoktistov, Chief Information Technology Officer of PJSC MMK.

Among the projects of the MMK Group presented at the forum, there is a large-scale application of software robots RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and implementation of the ATACH electronic document management system. A pilot project for the robotization of business processes was implemented at MMK in 2018. By the end of 2020, according to Mikhail Verisov, Director of the Next Robotics Technology Center (a company created on the basis of MMK-Informservice LLC, the main RPA service provider in the MMK Group), more than a hundred software robots have already worked in the MMK Group.

The plans for the development of this area for 2021 include a significant increase in the number of robots, a course towards hyper-automation, the introduction of a system of in-depth analysis of business processes Process Mining and an increase in the efficiency of software robots. The main advantages of robotization include an increase in the speed and frequency of operations; a large amount of work performed; improving the quality and transparency of business processes.

Also at the forum was presented its own IT-development LLC "MMK-Informservice" - a system for managing business processes of electronic document management and corporate content "ATACH". Its creation was the result of a long-term search for an effective solution for document management in the PJSC MMK Group. The developers managed to create a mobile, convenient and efficient system with a user-friendly interface that allows you to work with documents quickly and easily. For managers and employees, such options are implemented as issuing orders and monitoring their execution, agreeing contractual documents, managing regulatory and organizational and administrative documents, many other functions of managing company processes. Development helps to speed up information flows in the enterprise, organize a single information space, and save employees' working time. The main advantages of the ATACH electronic document management system are a simple, intuitive interface that does not require additional study, high speed of work, and the ability to access from mobile devices. In addition, the system provides the ability to integrate with Russian software and any open source software, has connectors to the main accounting systems and EDI systems. The low-code platform is responsible for the flexibility of the system, thanks to which you can make changes to the system without the participation of developers. Separately, it should be noted the possibility of signing documents with any type of electronic digital signature.

Experience in implementing innovative projects at industrial enterprises, changing organizational forms of work and mastering new forms of project management, new approaches in the development of products and services - these and other relevant the issues of innovation and digital transformation of enterprises were discussed by the participants of the forum of industrial innovators. These include IT executives, innovation directors, executives and employees of digital labs and other innovation divisions of companies. The conference was attended by representatives of such industrial companies as MMK, Kirovsky Zavod, URALCHEM, ChTPZ, GPN-Nefteservis, Gazprom Neft, Krastsvetmet, NefteTransServis, Severstal, NLMK, TMK, OMK , Siemens, Power Machines, Eurasian Group, Inter RAO, MHP - A Porsche

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