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MMK to talk about its high-strength steel MAGSTRONG at a forum in Moscow

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MMK continues to successfully implement the program of mastering the production and promotion of branded “niche products”, including high-strength and wear-resistant steels, as well as products from them, produced under the MAGSTRONG brand. The range of these import-substituting products and the range of their application are constantly expanding.

The shipment of these products is also increasing at MMK from year to year. So in 2020 it grew by 58% compared to the previous year. At the same time, according to the company's specialists, this product niche retains great potential for growth, both due to import substitution and due to the possibilities for expanding the scope of application.

MAGSTRONG high-strength and wear-resistant steels produced by PJSC MMK, are not inferior in their characteristics to foreign counterparts. The mechanical properties of these steels provide high resistance to abrasive wear and impact toughness, good weldability and machinability, make it possible to increase the service life of products from this rolled metal in comparison with traditionally used materials, which in turn leads to a significant increase in overhaul periods and a decrease in equipment downtime. decrease in metal consumption of products. In addition, these products are import-substituting, which also helps to reduce consumer costs.

Successful promotion of the constantly expanding line of metal products under the MAGSTRONG brand is facilitated by the comprehensive offer formed by PJSC MMK for its consumers. In particular, MAGSTRONG's priority partner in the program for the development and promotion of MAGSTRONG steels, OOO Mekhanoremontny Complex (part of the PJSC MMK Group) is ready to provide its production facilities for the processing of this rolled metal, including:

- execution special cutting of high-strength sheet metal along any cutting path by plasma cutting on thermal cutting machines with program control for a range of thicknesses from 2 to 40 mm, width up to 4000 mm and length up to 12000 mm;

- production of non-standard products from high-strength rolled metal with the use of bending and stamping technologies, welding and machining;

- design support of manufactured products.

In addition, the MMK Group Magnitogorsk hardware and calibration plant "MMK-METIZ" As part of the implementation of the strategic task of creating highly competitive products of a new generation, he mastered the production of welding wire from alloy steel grades under the MagWire brand. It is designed for automatic and semi-automatic arc welding of low-alloy structural steels of increased strength in a mixture of shielding gases. Thus, in addition to high-strength steel MAGSTRONG, Magnitka is ready to offer its customers the welding materials necessary for it and recommendations on the parameters of the welding process.

In 2021, the GOSZAKAZ Forum-Exhibition is being held for the 16th time. This large-scale event is annually attended by representatives of all regions of the Russian Federation - authorized procurement bodies, customers and suppliers. They meet at the Forum sites to discuss topical issues related to procurement.

Information and Public Relations Department of PJSC MMK

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