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MMK increases production of premium products

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“In the current conditions of a surplus in the metal products market, we consider the search for market niches and consolidation in them as the most promising marketing strategy. Despite the limited consumer demand, such market niches are able to provide metallurgical companies with significantly higher profitability. The analysis shows that in the coming years the demand for premium products will only grow, ”said Pavel Shilyaev, General Director of PJSC MMK.

One of such products of the MMK Group is premium rolled steel with polymer coating, produced under the SteelArt brand at the site of the Lysva Metallurgical Plant. LLC MMK-LMZ is the only manufacturer of electro-galvanized steel in Russia and the first manufacturer in Russia to have mastered the production of polymer-coated steel using the Print technology.

SteelArt is a relatively new product for the Russian market, which is rolled metal with a three-layer polymer coating, which quite accurately reproduces the structure and texture of natural materials - stone, wood, brick, etc., while providing significantly lower cost and ease of installation. The main advantages of SteelArt rolled products over conventional coated rolled products include increased corrosion resistance; significant resistance to mechanical damage; high environmental friendliness, guaranteed preservation of decorative properties for up to 20-25 years.

SteelArt rental is an import substitution product and has good sales growth potential. This is confirmed by the dynamics of shipment. In 2018, the supply of products to the Russian and CIS markets amounted to 11.6 thousand tons, in 2019 the shipment reached 16.1 thousand tons, and in 2020 the shipment volume increased by another 26% and reached 20.3 thousand tons. At the same time, due to import substitution and expansion of applications, this product niche retains great potential for further growth. The possibilities of using these products are quite wide - in particular, it is the external and internal decoration of buildings and premises, the production of front parts for household appliances.

Information and Public Relations Department of PJSC MMK

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