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"UMMC-Developer" put into operation the building of the Simanovskaya mill in the residential complex "Makarovsky"

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"UMMC-Developer" put into operation the building of the Simanovskaya mill in the residential complex "Makarovsky"

The developer "UMMC-Developer" has put into operation the reconstructed building of the Simanovskaya mill, located in the space of the residential complex "Makarovsky". The building is recognized as a cultural heritage site.

The total area of ​​the building is 5,948.10 m2. More than a thousand square meters (1,131.7 m2) will be occupied by a restaurant overlooking the Iset embankment and the Yekaterinburg-City quarter. Floors 3 to 8 are dedicated to 25 spacious loft-style apartments with a total area of ​​4,001.6 m2. The largest apartment is a two-level loft (7th and 8th floors) with an area of ​​363 m2. All apartments have been sold by the time the object is put into operation.

Apartments in the building have a large area (from 82 to 363 m2) for a reason : the decision is dictated by the regulations for the insolation of residential premises in the building. In each apartment the windows face the sunny south side (Iset embankment), and north, into the inner space of "Makarovsky". Some apartments have windows facing 3 sides. The area and planning solutions of the apartments were designed to provide sufficient natural light.

“The project was technically difficult, risky and required a significant amount of investment - about 400 million rubles, including the dismantling of the annexes to the mill building that were not of historical value, as well as a nearby transformer substation. A large amount of work had to be done inside the building. We have eliminated all emergency areas, dismantled the frame. We installed elevators and applied modern engineering solutions: central air conditioning system, heating with thermoregulation, pipes with additional noise protection, guest parking was provided. We opened the previously laid window openings and equipped new ones, taking into account the historical dimensions and architecture of the facades, and recreated the "dormer" windows. In the front openings, windows with a profile of a European brand were installed, capable of maintaining a comfortable temperature regime, with additional noise insulation, absorbing ultraviolet light. In addition, we have built treatment facilities for rain and melt water on the embankment - they purify water from the roofs of buildings and elements of the complex's landscaping before it enters the Iset. We even added a UV disinfectant. At the same time, access to the building as an object of cultural heritage will be open to all citizens, ”said Evgeny Mordovin, General Director of UGMK-Zastroyshchik.

“ Now the Simanovskaya mill together with the laboratory building, which is also an object of cultural heritage , sets the tone for all "Makarovskoe" and is a landmark project for the city of integrating a historical monument into the space of a modern residential complex. We can say that the residential complex "Makarovsky" continues the traditions laid down by the founders of the Simanovskaya mill. The mill itself was one of the best grain processing plants in the country, and its products received top marks and awards. Now the building has received a second life as part of a residential complex recognized as the best in Russia, and again next to it is a landscaped area for a comfortable life, because this is one of the standards of UMMC-Developer. We build modernity, carefully preserving traditions and history. Having made the decision to provide buyers with the opportunity to live in a historic building right on the embankment with magnificent views of Yekaterinburg-City, we were not mistaken. I thank our buyers for their trust and congratulate them on the beginning of life in a truly unique, beautiful house, ”added Evgeny Mordovin.

Restoration progress

Reconstruction project and integration of the Simanovskaya Mill was developed in 2017 by the First Architectural and Production Workshop (APM-1 LLC), one of the leading design organizations in Yekaterinburg, working with cultural heritage sites. In 2018, the project passed the state historical and cultural expertise and was approved by the Department of State Protection of Cultural Heritage Sites of the Sverdlovsk Region. In May 2019, UMMC-Builder received a building permit and started to restore the mill.

“Turning an architectural monument into a modern residential facility, literally remaking it from the inside, carefully preserving its historical appearance is a task of enormous complexity. Any building of almost a century and a half is a treasure trove of nuances and restrictions that must be taken into account, surprises that arise in the course of work. This issue is associated with a large volume of legislative requirements, often contradictory, a lot of expertise and approvals are required. This is literally a piece of jewelry. But thanks to the incredible energy of the customer and our experience, we did it, "said Vladimir Rudnev, General Director of APM-1 LLC, a member of the Union of Architects of Russia.

The facade of the mill was completely restored: the builders dismantled the" new-made "brickwork at the level of the first and second floors, the destroyed areas of the original masonry with and

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