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Selection Criteria for Aluminum Portable Ladder

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Selection Criteria for Aluminum Portable Ladder

The need for a staircase is especially acute when carrying out self-repairs in an apartment or a country house. Use for work (for example, elementary replacement of a burnt out light bulb in a ceiling lamp) of a stool or chair:

  • An inconvenient event in itself.
  • It is fraught with a fall with all the ensuing negative consequences.

Classic aluminum ladders single-section - the best option for repair work in rooms with approximately standard ceiling heights. But, even before buying such an elementary device in its design, it is necessary to take into account certain criteria that will help determine the choice of a suitable model, and today there are a fairly large number of them.

What to look for

The use of a metal such as aluminum allows stair manufacturers to guarantee the lightness and strength of their products. Moreover, such a product does not have to be processed against the appearance of rust and can be stored for a long time in unheated rooms and even in the open air. Selection criteria to look out for when buying a one-piece option:

  • The total length of the ladder - for this, it is necessary to study the areas of its future use (height of ceilings, the possibility of using for certain types of work).
  • The shape of the steps is classic round, provides for lifting in shoes, "Eiffel's rib", has a plane with a grooved surface.
  • Number and step of steps - the distance between steps can vary by several centimeters.
  • The presence of anti-slip stops - guarantee a secure fixation in the installed position.

And the most important point is the maximum permissible load on the entire staircase as a whole and one step, the data must be present in the technical passport. You can familiarize yourself with various options for single-section aluminum stairs, including imported ones, on the website of the LADDER. All about stairs and stepladders. " The models presented in the catalog fully correspond to the declared dimensional parameters and have a quality guarantee.

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