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Springboard of success: Sergiev Posad College develops the direction of welding

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Springboard of success: Sergiev Posad College develops the direction of welding

Sergiev Posad College, one of the top 100 best colleges in Russia, has completed the renewal of the welding equipment fleet with multi-process machines from ESAB, one of the leaders in the production of equipment and consumables for welding and cutting.
The large-scale project, launched by Sergiev Posad College in 2019 to improve the quality of student training, was supported by the Zagorsk Pipe Plant (ZTZ) as one of the key employers for graduates.
Galina Nosyreva, director of GBPOU MO "SEC", notes that the college is responsible for its students: "In order to be in demand at industrial enterprises, they must be trained in modern programs and hone their skills with highly qualified mentors on the equipment that is installed at the employer. We do everything possible to ensure that our graduates have the necessary qualifications for work when they leave the college."
12 welding stations in the new" ZTZ Resource Center " of the college were equipped with welding machines for manual arc welding with a coated electrode, argon arc welding with a non-consumable electrode and semi-automatic welding in a protective gas environment.
The purchased ESAB devices fully comply with the requirements of WorldSkills Russia in all competencies where welding is present. Thus, the college can not only host welding competitions, but also conduct a demonstration exam on the competence "Welding Technologies".
According to Stanislav Konov, head of the department for interaction with educational organizations of ESAB, the development of practical skills is one of the most important areas of training of modern specialists in the field of welding and cutting: "it is a great honor for the company to cooperate with colleges and directly participate in the development of young personnel."
Sergiev Posad College was founded in 1956. Today, on the territory of 5 buildings, about 3.5 thousand students are trained in more than 30 areas of training – from the construction and operation of buildings and structures to flaw detection. About 500 students are trained in areas that include metalworking technologies.
The college has created a unique training and production cluster - a Resource Center for the Pipe Industry, which combines three modern and technological sites equipped with everything necessary for training and training of a modern specialist. Together with the strategic partner Zagorsk Pipe Plant, the training plans were revised, professional cycle programs were developed and agreed upon.
"By investing in education, we are investing in our own future, in the real sector of the economy. Industrial technologies are constantly evolving, and students should know them and be able to work on modern equipment. Subsequently, this will save time on retraining personnel in production and, in general, make it more efficient, " concludes Igor Gusenkov, Deputy General Director of the Zagorsk Pipe Plant for Corporate Communications.

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