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The construction of the main section of the complex begins in the residential complex "Nagorny"

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The construction of the main section of the complex begins in the residential complex "Nagorny"

The developer UMMC-Zastroyshchik continues to actively build the second stage of the Nagorny business-class residential area in the center of Yekaterinburg. The day before, the company received permission to build the central section of the complex - a seven-storey retail and office gallery with a total area of ​​8,154.8 m2 (section 2.3), which will become the architectural dominant of the quarter.

The gallery will be located on Tatishchev Street. Her project provides for unique architectural solutions and rich infrastructural content. The first floor will function as the central entrance group for all the houses of Nagorny. Its design is not inferior to the lobby of a luxurious five-star hotel: with ten-meter ceilings, panoramic windows and designer finishes. A single reception area, a cozy lobby bar and a restaurant will appear in its space.

The third, fourth and fifth floors will be occupied by a premium fitness center with a large swimming pool of about 4,000 m2 - a must have for all UMMC- Developer". And on the 2nd, 6th and 7th floors there will be premises for offices with high ceilings and stained-glass windows, the space in which the owner can arrange to his liking. Nothing will prevent him from organizing a classic office or, for example, a trendy open space.

Here one more architectural solution, unusual for the Ural capital, will fully manifest itself - the operated roof of the gallery. So, on the 7th floor, it will be possible to plan a two-level office with a lounge area on the terrace.

The gallery building will provide ground parking and access to the underground heated parking for residents of Nagorny. Through the first level of the parking they can get to the 1st floor of the gallery without going outside.

“This project is actually the second part of the general gallery of the residential complex. We passed the first part, section 1.4, last year. It also has offices, dentistry and a shop. Each of our objects has its own uniqueness, and "Nagorny", among other advantages, will stand out with a gallery that will transform Tatishchev Street. Our own development standards allow us to create in the quarter the most comfortable living environment for residents and to improve the external adjacent territory in the interests of all residents of the VIZ-Center district. This is highly appreciated by apartment buyers and market experts. It is no coincidence that Nagorny won the TOP ZhK 2021 competition award in the Best Residential Complex - New Building in the Sverdlovsk Region nomination, ”noted Evgeny Mordovin, head of development projects at UMMC-Developer.

RC" Nagorny "also differs from many new buildings in the city with high-quality and reliable building materials (monolith of the base and solid brick walls), creative architecture and lighting, engineering systems of European manufacturers, high ceilings and panoramic windows in apartments. In the space of the quarter there are flowering safe courtyards without cars with landscaping, children's playgrounds with an environmentally friendly coating of sea pebbles, workout and lounge areas. All these amenities will organically complement the infrastructure of the future gallery.

Reference information

The first stage of the Nagorny residential complex is a three-section building of variable number of storeys and part of a shopping gallery - UMMC -The developer "put into operation in October 2020. A few months earlier, in July, he began construction of the first two sections of the second stage (a five-section residential building with a single entrance), which he plans to complete in the IV quarter of 2021.

According to the position in the monthly rating of the professional portal YRZ .RF "TOP new buildings", "Nagorny" is one of the five best modern housing estates in Yekaterinburg. The complex is also a laureate of the following prestigious awards:

  • Federal competition-award "TOP ZhK - 2021" in the nomination "The best residential complex - a new building in the Sverdlovsk region";
  • "Key Award - 2020 "portal N1.RU, nomination" Place to live ";
  • Federal award Urba Awards - 2020 - finalist in the nominations" The best regional residential complex of business class "and" Complex of the year with the best architecture " .
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