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At the cutting edge of technology: OKG Stolitsa opens an innovative welding site

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At the cutting edge of technology: OKG Stolitsa opens an innovative welding site

GBPOU OKG "Stolitsa "within the framework of network interaction with the Center for Youth Innovative Creativity" Runa "opened a Resource Center for practical classes of students in the areas of "Welding technologies", "Industrial Robotics", "Plasma cutting", "Automated Electric drive"and" Digital Metrology".
The new platform is aimed at teaching students modern welding and cutting technologies through the development of practice-oriented programs and communication with industrial enterprises and companies that produce industrial technologies.
"Today we are witnessing the birth of the digitalization of welding. And the introduction of modern technologies in the learning process is our responsibility both to students and to their employers. This is the task that our Resource Center will solve. In the future, it will become a think tank where ideas will be generated for all departments of our complex, " says Sergey Vostrikov, director of the educational complex of OKG Stolitsa.
The laboratories of the center provide an opportunity to teach students the full cycle of welding production from basic skills to the use of innovative 3D design technologies and robotic welding. Its technology partners include industry leaders such as ESAB, KUKA, Mitutoyo, and Mitsubishi Electric.
Among the key features of the site is an open environment for people with disabilities and compliance of all equipment with the standards of WorldSkills Russia and Abilimpics. Thus, students of GBPOU OKG "Stolitsa" can prepare for participation in international specialized competitions in industrial robotics and welding, and the center itself will become one of the venues for holding championships in the future.
"Not only industry, but also secondary vocational education does not stand still. There are new areas of training designed to meet the demand of industries for specialists who are ready not just to work with new technologies, but also to implement them. And for their comprehensive training, it is impossible to do without training and practice on modern equipment using advanced consumables. Material and educational cooperation between business and colleges will allow the industry to continuously develop in the future, " comments Dmitry Kuraksa, Managing Director of ESAB in Russia.
The educational complex of the OKG "Stolitsa" trains highly qualified personnel for the urban development complex of Moscow and includes 9 training units. Today, about 3,600 students are trained on the territory of the complex.
The complex implements general education programs, as well as trains workers and specialists in 32 basic programs of secondary vocational education and 15 professional training programs, including information systems for urban planning, an electrician of electrical networks and equipment, a welder (electric welding and gas welding), etc.
"Modern production facilities in various industries face the problem of a shortage of qualified personnel – young specialists know the basics and know how to work, but they are not familiar with new technologies in practice. The Resource Center in the OKG "Stolitsa" is completely focused on the production of personnel prepared for the innovative reality – they own the profession and have the skills that the industry needs here and now. In addition, it will be able to accept already working specialists of all ages for retraining, " concludes Kirill Smirnov, head of the Resource Center at OKG Stolitsa.

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