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Benefits of Using Corrugated Rebar

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Benefits of Using Corrugated Rebar

The technology of monolithic construction is widespread today and is in high demand for the construction of residential buildings, unique buildings and structures for various purposes (for example, shopping or sports complexes). It means:

  • Use of ready-made or production of special structures (formwork) for pouring concrete of individual elements.
  • The use of reinforcing bars to improve the strength and elasticity of cured concrete.

There are different types of reinforcing structural elements, but the most popular is steel reinforcement grooved , the surface of which along the entire length has an additional element - ribs, which have a crescent shape in cross section. Its main and important advantage is excellent adhesion or adhesion to concrete after pouring. It is this technical feature that allows monolithic reinforced concrete elements to perfectly tolerate the effects of temperature changes.

Low cost

Another important today advantage of corrugated fittings (especially such items as А-3 and А500С) is their affordable cost. This is achieved through the use of low-alloy steel grades in the manufacture of virtually no loss of quality properties. For example, corrugated reinforcement А500С has:

  • Estimated value of resistance RCS - up to 500 N /mm.
  • Allowable bending angle without additional heating - up to 180 degrees.
  • Permissible elongation - no more than 14%.

At the same time, low-alloy and black metal grades are easy to fix (stick) using electric and gas welding equipment, which greatly simplifies the task of installing a reinforcing structure.

You can select the type of corrugated steel reinforcement required by the dimensional parameters (diameter, length of a bar or coil) using the online catalog of MCore, which supplies this type of rolled metal directly from manufacturers. All presented assortment is classified according to the parameters of the current GOST and is supplied to customers on a contractual basis with a guarantee of meeting the agreed terms.

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