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Classification of pipe bends 630 mm

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Classification of pipe bends 630 mm

Changing the direction of the pipeline in most installation options is carried out using bends - steel curved parts of the same diameter as the pipes being connected to each other. The fixation is carried out by the method of joint welding, which ensures high tightness and integral strength. Products such as steel elbows 630 (outer diameter in mm), manufactured by the manufacturer in 4 different radii:

  1. 90 degrees.
  2. 60 degrees.
  3. 45 degrees.
  4. 30 degrees.

This indicator is the first in the abbreviation of a pipeline part. Depending on the technical parameters of the future pipeline - the type of pumped working fluid, internal working pressure, external physical activity (installation by an underground filling method), the designer selects the type of pipe and bends according to the strength parameters. It should be noted that the latter experience higher loads:

  • Dynamic strikes.
  • Centrifugal forces.

Compared to the pipe itself. The wall thickness of the branch is indicated in combination with the parameter of the outer diameter, for example, 630 x from 9 to 14 mm in accordance with the standards of the current GOST 17375 - 2001. Another indicator that is necessarily present in the technical designation is the grade of steel used for the manufacture of steel.

Factory quality control

As practice shows, the "weak link" of any pipeline is the place where its direction changes. For this reason, special attention is paid to the quality of the bends. Modern control methods allow the manufacturer to completely eliminate defects and guarantee the quality of fittings. All products pass:

  • Control of compliance with GOST parameters.
  • Bench test by high internal pressure.
  • Checking the integrity and absence of internal defects in the metal structure using ultrasonic equipment.

You can choose a bend with an outer diameter of 630 mm for the required bending parameters, wall thickness and steel grade using the online catalog of the manufacturer Magistral. The assortment presented on its pages is available in the warehouse of the enterprise and is supplied to customers on a contractual basis.

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