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Metalloinvest spoke about digital career, engineering data management and other digitalization projects

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Metalloinvest spoke about projects to digitize mining, design and construction at the Roundtable “Digital Transformation of the Investment and Construction Process: Past and Future” organized by the Glavgosexpertiza of Russia.

Deputy General Director for Government Relations at Metalloinvest Yulia Shabala spoke about the Digital Quarry program, which includes a real-time mining control panel based on 3D work plans and a tracking system for compliance with the plan agreed with Rostekhnadzor. In the future, it is planned to introduce unmanned navigation. The plans for the development of the program include a promising possibility of integration with the systems of regulatory agencies.

The program allows to reduce the cost of work by 2%, increase productivity by 3% and reduce the downtime of mining equipment by 10%.

Another important area of ​​Metalloinvest's digital transformation is the Digital Asset », Which collected all data on the production assets of the company.

Metalloinvest is also implementing a project to implement an engineering data management information system (IMS ID), which will digitize engineering data on capital construction projects throughout the entire life cycle - from pre-design study to liquidation of the facility.

The pilot project in the IMS ID environment is planned to be implemented this year. The engineering data management system will allow Metalloinvest to reduce the implementation time of investment projects by 10%, create digital twins and reduce unit operating costs by 5-10%.

Yulia Shabala spoke about the experience of digital interaction with Rosprirodnadzor and the creation of Metalloinvest's systems for automatic control of pollutant emissions into the air. 41 sources of the company's enterprises will be equipped with such a system, and special sensors in real time will transmit information on the volume of emissions of marker pollutants into the atmosphere to the Rosprirodnadzor system. The automatic control system will allow for state control over compliance with environmental legislation online without visiting enterprises.

“Another challenge is to improve the quality of project documentation. It is necessary to use the resources and potential of all participants in the process, synchronize actions, control the interaction of prospectors, designers and experts - and it is precisely these tasks that our new program is aimed at. We hope that it will allow Metalloinvest to improve the quality of the design documentation that we send for state expertise, ”said Yulia Shabala.

During the event, representatives of the Ministry of Construction of Russia, Glavgosexpertiza, Rostekhnadzor and other industry participants discussed practical experience and prospects for digital transformation of the investment and construction process, as well as topical issues to increase the openness and accessibility of the established requirements when passing the state examination.

The round table was held within the framework of the International Construction Championship - an annual event that brings together the competition of professional specialists in the field of industrial construction and the business program. The business program includes sections for representatives of the industrial construction sector, authorities and the professional community. The event was established by the Ministry of Construction of Russia and the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom on February 20, 2020 and is held with the aim of expanding the economic integration of Russia and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union in the field of industrial construction.

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