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Sibkabel is recognized as the best supplier of mine cable

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Sibkabel is recognized as the best supplier of mine cable

Sibkabel (part of the Cable Alliance Holding (HCA), which unites the cable assets of UMMC) was recognized as the best supplier of cable products for the mining complex. These are the results of official polls conducted by the TEK-Rating agency among the leading companies in the coal industry.

Mine cables occupy a special place in the product range of Sibkabel JSC. The volume of their production exceeds 700 km per year, the geography of supplies extends from Kuzbass to Belarus. Technologists of Sibcable JSC are engaged in the development of new and improvement of existing structures together with specialists of JSC NIKI Tomsk, which is also a member of the KhKA.

"In particular, this year a patent was obtained for a flexible mine cable for self-propelled cars with a braid of innovative electrically conductive threads, due to which, if the sheath is damaged, the cable is immediately de-energized, which avoids emergency situations. The previous development with flexible armor made of steel-copper strands, intended for shearers, had a similar property. But the novelty is smaller in size and weight, respectively, the possibilities are wider. In addition, our product range has been supplemented by a power mine cable capable of withstanding a breaking load one and a half times more than analogs, while its service life has increased by 1.5-2 times, "said Anatoly Neifeld, head of workshop No. 6, specializing in products for mining industry.

The KhKA oil submersible cable earned recognition from the fuel and energy complex representatives. The release of products for strategically important industries requires the strictest control at every technological stage. Automatic control systems of modern production lines and laboratory equipment allow cable production in strict accordance with all quality and safety standards. Thanks to a large-scale modernization program, Cable Alliance Holding maintains a leading position in the market.

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